Cinematographers Discuss Their Initial Tests of KODAK VISION3 250D 5207 Color Negative Film

"I was very impressed with the new film. I see advantages in contrast, latitude and detail. It captures much more detail and with much less grain. It is also sharper with more information throughout the tone scale, especially in the highlights. I love the tonality of the new film. It has more neutral reproduction with softer flesh tones and a magical feeling. It will allow me to create images with increased details in both mid-tones and highlights. Its response to mixed color temperatures is very subtle. This is an excellent step forward that will allow directors of photography and colorists to achieve the desired looks more quickly. I plan to make extensive use of this new film on my next movie, The Scorcerer's Apprentice - a great story about magic."
                                                       - Bojan Bazelli, ASC ( Hairspray , Mr. and Mrs. Smith , The Ring )

"The new (KODAK VISION3) 250D film rendered images that are fuller with additional tonal space/depth and color saturation, especially in the mid-tones. This stock has more apparent sharpness- especially in exterior daylight scenes, which gives faces a richer, more full and oval appearance. I also observed slightly more details in highlight areas, and more color space and information in the mid-tones. These features will expand my creative options both on the set and in postproduction."
                                                      - Rafey Mahmood ( Mithya , Haasil , Journey to Mecca )

"During testing, I pushed the film stock hard. I found that the 5207 is a true 250 ASA stock with extended latitude, outstanding resolution and very fine, almost invisible grain structure. The way it renders white and black skin tones is very pleasing to the eye. The reduction of grain in under- and overexposed parts of the image is the biggest achievement. It's great to know that the grain structure still holds up even if you push the stock two to three stops. The blacks are richer and the whites look superb. The stock shows a linear color reproduction in areas of overexposure, and it handles mixed color temperatures very well. The 5207 is a great all-around film stock and I plan to use it extensively."
                                              - Winnie Heun, commercial cinematographer (Zain, Pizza Hut, Vodafone)