KODAK VISION Premier Color Print Film 2393

KODAK VISION Color Print Film 2393 Sample

Richer images on the theatre screen

A film with a different look. Richer blacks. More saturated colors. Cleaner performance. A film worthy of the KODAK VISION Film family name.

The upper tone scale of VISION Premier Color Print Film is significantly higher in density than EASTMAN EXR Color Print Film, so shadows are deeper, colors are more vivid, and the image snaps and sizzles on the screen. The toe areas of the sensitometric curves are matched more closely, producing more neutral highlights on projection. Cinematographers can be more creative with lighting and exposure, and still see remarkable results.

Like its counterpart KODAK VISION Color Print Film, VISION Premier Color Print Film is coated on a polyester base without rem-jet, for a cleaner process and cleaner screen images. We've incorporated a processing-surviving, antistatic layer to reduce dirt attraction, and a scratch-resistant backing layer to improve projection life. And there are no color shifts during fades and dissolves. So, from set to lab to screen, day to day, you'll have more consistent performance.

These are not incremental improvements. They are quantum leaps forward in film technology. And with VISION Premier Color Print Film, you'll have the highest quality motion picture color print film Kodak has ever made.

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