Chronology of Motion Picture Films  

1980 to 2000


  • EASTMAN Color Internegative II film, 7/5272 S. Process ECN-2, normal. Replaced 7/5271.
  • EASTMAN Color Negative II film, 7/5247 F. Ferri bleach version (SR-29).
  • EASTMAN Sound Recording film, 7/5373. Replaced 7/5375 Paper given at SMPTE 1979.


  • EASTMAN EKTACHROME High Speed Daylight film, 7251. Daylight, EI 400. Process VNF-1 or RVNP. High speed 16mm camera film. Compatible with Process VNF-1 and RVNP.


  • EASTMAN Color Print film, 7/5384 Improved cyan dye dark keeping and red sensitivity to process variations. Process ECP-2A. Replaced 7/5381, 7/5383, 7378, 7379. In SMPTE Journal December 1982 and BKSTS Journal August 1983.
  • EASTMAN Color High Speed Negative film, 7/5293. Tungsten, EI 250 ECH. Process ECN-2. Discontinued Spring 1983. EMMY Awarded (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences). Paper published in SMPTE Journal October 1982. Was given Journal Award for best technical film paper in 1982.
  • Datacode Magnetic Control Surface


  • EASTMAN Color Negative film, 7291. Tungsten, EI 100. Improved image structure and color reproduction in a 16mm film. Replaced 7247. Published in SMPTE Journal December 1983.
  • EASTMAN Color High Speed Negative film, 7/5294. Tungsten, EI 400 35mm; EI 320 16mm. Increased film speed and improved image structure. Replaced 7/5293. EMMY Awarded (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences)
  • EASTMAN Color LC Print film, 7/5380. Low contrast (minus 15%) for video transfers. Optimum reproduction of film over television. Replaced 7/5738.
  • National Association of Television Program Executives: (Salutation) "Congratulations to Eastman Kodak Company on it's 100th birthday with gratitude for it's enormous and vital contributions to the growth and the beauty of the television medium."


  • Discontinued - EASTMAN EKTACHROME EF films, 7/5241, 7/5242 and EASTMAN EKTACHROME MS film 7/5256. All required Process ME-4. These products had been replaced with products requiring Process VNF-1 / RVNP.


  • Discontinued - EASTMAN EKTACHROME Commercial film, 7252 and EASTMAN EKTACHROME Print film, 7/5389 and Processes ECO-3 and ME-4 (R).


  • EASTMAN Color High Speed Negative film, 7292. Tungsten, EI 320. Replaced 7294. First motion picture film to have "T" Grain. T-Grain is in the fast magenta and slow blue (N).Discontinued 1992.
  • EASTMAN Color High Speed SA Negative film, 5295 Tungsten, EI 400. Greater blue/green separation and tighter tolerance perforations. Especially for blue screen applications. -- Awarded TECHNICAL EMMY 1988.(F)
  • EASTMAN Color High Speed Daylight Negative film, 7/5297. Daylight, EI 250. -- Awarded TECHNICAL EMMY 1988. Discontinued 1997.
  • EASTMAN Color Intermediate film, 7/5243, IMPROVED. Reduced grain and increased blue speed. T-Grain in the blue.(A)
  • Discontinued EASTMAN EKTACHROME Reversal Print film. 7390.

1988   Film  

  • Reduced processing fog sensitivity of EASTMAN Fine Grain Release Positive film, 7/5302;
  • EASTMAN Sound Recording film, 7/5373;
  • EASTMAN High Contrast Print film, 7/5362.
  • EASTMAN Color Print film, 7/5384. Modified to Eliminate need of formalin in stabilizer. Process ECP-2B.
  • Awarded Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the development of EASTMAN Color High Speed SA Negative Film 5295 for blue screen travelling matte photography.
  • Awarded Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the development of EASTMAN Color High Speed Daylight Negative Films 5297/7297


  • EASTMAN EXR 50D Color Negative film, 5245/7245. Daylight EI 50. Extremely fine grain. T-Grain in all layers.(K)
  • EASTMAN EXR 100T Color Negative film, 7248 16mm. SO 387 35mm. Tungsten, EI 100. Replaced 7291, 16mm. Improved grain and sharpness. T-Grain in all layers.
  • EASTMAN EXR 500T Color Negative film, 5296. Tungsten, EI 500. Blue and green separation similar to 5295. All T-Grain except in fast yellow (J) Discontinued 1995.
  • STRENGTHENED CORNERS. All 35 mm EASTMAN camera negative films with Bell and Howell (negative) perforations are produced with stronger (radius increased by 0.005 inches) corners. This will decrease the propensity for the perforations to fracture, and lengthen the use of products where perforation stress is a factor.
  • TIGHTER TOLERANCE 16 MM. All 16 mm camera films have a reduced tighter tolerance. This refers to perforation height and width dimension and not pitch.
  • 100 Years of Service to the Motion Picture Industry -- Awarded OSCAR  
  • Kodak celebrated the 100th anniversary of motion pictures by introducing Eastman EXR color negative films.


  • Discontinued. EASTMAN 4 X Negative Film, 5/7224. EASTMAN 4 X Reversal Film, 7277.
  • EASTMAN EXR 100T Color Negative Film, 5248, 35 mm. Tungsten EI 100. Introduced in 1989 (M).
  • EASTMAN EXR 500T Color Negative Film, 7296. Cut from 5296 (J).
  • Cinema Digital Sound co-devleoped by Kodak and Optical Radiation Corporation
  • EASTMAN Digital Sound Recording Film 2374 (R).


  • T-Grain & EXR Film Family of Products -- Awarded OSCAR  
  • Motion Picture and Audio Visual Markets Division renamed Motion Picture and Television Imaging Division.


  • EASTMAN EXR Intermediate Film, 5/7244. Finer grain and sharper than EASTMAN Intermediate Film, Replaced 5/7243. -- Awarded OSCAR in 1994(V).
  • EASTMAN EXR 200T Color Negative Film, 5293/7293. EI 200 Tungsten. Characteristics similar to the other camera negative films with an EXR designation. Grain structure similar to 5248 (L). Discontinued 2004
  • EXPERIMENTAL EASTMAN Separation Film - (5238) SO-340 Acetate - SO-038 Estar. Sold as companion to 5235.
  • Kodak's Cinesite Digital Film Center opened in Palo Alto


  • EASTMAN EXR Color Print Film 5/7386, Replaced 5/7384
  • EASTMAN Color LC Print Film 5/7385, Replaced 5/7380
  • Using Kodak's new CINEON technology, Kodak technicians digitally restored Walt Disney's 1937 classic "Snow White".


  • EASTMAN EXR 500T 5298/7298 (T). Discontinued 2003.
  • EASTMAN EXR 200T 5287/7287 Ultra Latitude (W). Discontinued 1996.
  • Awarded OSCAR for EASTMAN EXR Intermediate Film 5244


  • EASTMAN EXR Primetime 640T Teleproduction Film 5600(P).
  • EASTMAN Sound Recording Film 5378 / 7378 / 2378/E / 3378/E. This film replaced EASTMAN Sound Recording II Film 5373/7373
  • goes "live" on September 25.

1996   film  

  • Motion Picture and Television Imaging renamed Professional Motion Imaging.
  • KODAK VISION 320T EASTMAN Color Negative Film 5277/7277 (Q).
  • KODAK VISION 500T EASTMAN Color Negative Film 5279/7279 (U).


  • KODAK PRIMETIME 640T Teleproduction Film 5620 (Y).
  • KODAK VISION 200T Color Negative Film 5274/7274 (Z).
  • KODAK VISION 250D Color Negative Film 5246/7246 (I).


  • KODAK SFX 200T (X). Discontinued 2004.
  • KODAK PreView System
  • KODAK VISION 800T Color Negative Film 5289 (R). Discontinued 2004.
  • KODAK VISION Premier Color Print Film 2393
  • KODAK VISION Color Print Film 2383
  • Discontinuance of 5235 EASTMAN Panchromatic Separation Film


  • KODAK VISION 800T Color Negative Film 7289 (R. Discontinued 2004.)
  • Kodak Kit Chemicals
  • KODAK Panchromatic Separation Film 2238 - Replacement for 5235
  • KODAK EKTACHROME 100D 35mm Color Reversal Film 5285. Discontinued 2010