Teranex Announces Availability of its New ImageRestore Application with Kodak Algorithms.

Orlando, Florida. (April 15th, 2008) – Teranex, a leader in high performance video processing solutions for the broadcast and post-production industries, is pleased to announce the availability of its latest version of imageRestore. This updated application is a direct result of the strategic relationship between Teranex and Kodak announced in September 2006

The Kodak technologies integrated into the Teranex VC300IR, include proprietary algorithms for Motion Compensated Grain Management, allowing for real-time manipulation of grain levels in scanned film, and Adaptive Sharpening, which preserves the detail of the image throughout processing.

Here’s what some of the early adopters had to say about the new product;

“Grain reduction is becoming more critical as we transfer to HD formats,”, “as clients can now see more detail in the film. Even with the newer stocks, grain reduction is important. We noticed a big improvement with the Image Restore software, especially in Super 16 mm projects (S16).” Cinefilm has many clients shooting with S16, and then transferring to HD to maintain the film look at lower costs. “That’s were ImageRestore is so powerful,” cites Cinefilm Atlanta’s senior colorist Ron Anderson. “Image Restore also makes 35mm film look much better, and gets super 16mm much closer to that standard. This has been very important in our new DI workflow with independent filmmakers who often work in Super 16mm to HD.” Anderson Continued

Thierry Perronnet, Marketing Director for Kodak Entertainment Imaging concluded, “Kodak’s relationship with Teranex shows that it is dedicated to the best of both worlds, film for the capture of images and the highest quality post-production tools to enable artists to extract all the richness and information that film can provide, we use two VC300IR in our Bulgarian and Romanian facilities for that very purpose.”

“Recently we worked on “The Marconi Bros.”, an independent film shot on S16, where we ran into major grain issues. Using Teranex's imageRestore as a final pass on the film made all the difference. Teranex’s real-time application removed 90% of the grain in one pass” said Michael Sandness, Senior Colorist for Splice Here in Minnesota. “The results were stunning and the directors were blown away by how much better their film looked.  The film premiered at the 2008 South by Southwest Film Festival” continued Mr. Sandness.

Please come visit Teranex at NAB in Las-Vegas NV April 14th -17th LVCC, South Hall, Upper Floor: SU10924 to view the latest innovations from Teranex. Additional info can be obtained at www.teranex.com.

 About Kodak (NYSE: EK)

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