Press Release

Kodak Filmschool Competition Call For Entries

MELBOURNE, Australia, February 13th 2008- Kodak invites submissions from around the world for its ninth annual Kodak Filmschool Competition. The competition is open to current students and recent graduates who earned their degree within the last 12 months. Submissions must be shot on film, be 30 minutes or less in duration, and entirely produced by a student crew.

Designed to recognise the creativity and skills exhibited by student cinematographers in the collaborative process of visual storytelling, local judges select a winning film at the national level and these finalists vie for top honors at regional levels. The initiative offers cinematography students the chance to compete with their peers from four separate regions around the globe; Asia Pacific, Latin America, United States & Canada, and the newly joined European region. A world-renowned director of photography will review their work as part of the judging process. Past judges include Oliver Stapleton, BSC, Caleb Deschanel, ASC, Fred Elmes, ASC, Laszlo Kovacs, ASC and Peter James, ACS, ASC.

With a grand prize that includes a trip to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France for each of the regional winning filmmakers, the competition offers outstanding career opportunities. Winning entries are screened at the festival and the filmmakers may participate in a tailored program of seminars and industry activities hosted by Kodak.

"Our goal is to encourage the next generation of cinematographers who are at the dawn of their filmmaking careers," says Wendy Elms, Worldwide Manager of Kodak's Education segment. "Cinematography takes a collaborative spirit, unflagging determination, innate talent and the ability to master a constantly evolving language. This competition focuses on the innovative use of visuals that best serve the story, and aims to shine the spotlight on the work of emerging filmmakers."