Kodak to Highlight Workflow Options at AMIA Conference

Participation is Part of Company's Widespread Support for Film Preservation

ROCHESTER, NY, October 28, 2009-Kodak will be a multi-event sponsor and active participant when the 2009 annual conference of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) convenes in St. Louis on November 4. The conference will run through November 7, with preliminary day-long workshops held on November 3. The events will be held at a number of sites in the city's downtown area.
"For Kodak, AMIA members are an important source of learning, and they play a critical role in helping to preserve yesterday's films for tomorrow's generations," says Jonathan Barlow, Kodak's worldwide product manager of B&W Film and Photochemicals for the Entertainment Imaging Division. "It's our pleasure and honor to interact with them, trade experiences, and address their questions about the future of moving image materials."
At the conference, Kodak's focus will be on providing practical information covering both film and digital technology. Of special note is the KODAK Imaging Technology and Workflow Options Today workshop, which will be held all day on November 3. It has been pre-approved by the Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA) for Archival Recertification Credits.
"Those attending the workshop will be eligible for five ACA Archival Recertification Credits," says Barlow. "The Academy requires that members recertify every five years to ensure that they keep up with developments in their field, and this workshop will help them meet those requirements."
As a Gold Sponsor of the AMIA Conference, Kodak will also be hosting the opening night reception, participating in the AMIA Vendor Café, and presenting several KODAK Stop By Shoot Film sessions, led by Kodak cinematographer Randy Tack.
"Most conference participants spend their work days cataloging, restoring, preserving, or accessing media," says Tack. "They find it fun to step out of that role, to learn what's involved in creating images, to understand the filmmaker's point of view. In this workshop, we give them that opportunity."
The KODAK Fellowship Award will be presented to this year's recipient Jessica Storm at the Awards and Scholars Luncheon on November 6. "The KODAK Fellowship through AMIA provides an amazing opportunity for me," says Storm, a student in UCLA's Moving Image Archive Studies Master of Arts Program. "It combines funding for the AMIA conference, scholarship money, and an opportunity to work as an intern in different industry facilities. This will be a huge learning experience that goes so far beyond other scholarships available."
In the 10 years the KODAK Fellowship program has been in place, every recipient who completed the program is now working full time in the industry.
"At Kodak, we're serious about preservation," says Barlow. "We're serious about helping those who work in the field today, but also about investing in the people and the technologies needed for the future. Preservation is an important point today where different technologies offer new solutions, even as they open up new issues. The answers won't be easy, but finding them will be critical and AMIA will help lead the way. That's why we're proud to take an active role in this important conference."