Kodak Supports Filmmakers with Product Grant at Guadalajara;
Prize Part of Company's Sponsorship of Film Festival

GUADALAJARA, Mexico, March 22, 2010-Kodak presented a product grant to writer-director Emilio Portes for his Spanish-language film Pastorela (A Christmas Play) as part of the Guadalajara Film Festival's Construye 4 (Guadalajara Constructs). This program is designed to facilitate the completion of Latin American feature films that need assistance in the postproduction stages. Kodak has participated in this endeavor since the program's inception in 2007. This year also marked the 25th edition of the festival, which Kodak has sponsored from the beginning.

"The Guadalajara festival attracts an important cross-section of Latin American and Ibero-American filmmakers who gather to discuss important issues facing the entertainment community, as well as to screen each other's amazing works," says Fernando Kleinert, account manager, Latin American region, for Kodak's Entertainment Imaging Division. "We are happy to support these filmmakers and to listen to their needs. Kodak's goals are to continue offering the most advanced products and services and to promote creativity without boundaries."

Shot on Kodak Super 35 mm film, Pastorela was chosen out of 34 submissions to the Guadalajara Construye 4 program. Entries came from Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. A panel of industry professionals, including producers, distributors, and representatives of companies servicing the industry, served as the jury.

Kodak also participated in other aspects of the festival, including the Mercado de Cine Ibero-Americano, which helps finance film projects, and Short Up, which is a platform for showcasing short films that includes special screenings of works from film schools in Mexico. In addition to showing features, shorts and documentaries, the fest included award presentations to actors, producers, directors, other filmmakers, and professors during the week of March 12-19.

"We are proud to help sustain a prolific and creative film industry, and to put our technological expertise at the service of filmmakers, allowing them tell their stories with the highest quality visuals, without compromise," adds Kleinert.

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