Kodak Events at Cannes Designed to Support Filmmakers and Recognize New Talent

ROCHESTER, NY, May 3, 2010-Kodak is once again partnering with the Cannes International Film Festival to support filmmakers by providing invaluable networking and screening opportunities at the event. The company's many activities during the festival, which runs May 12-23, in Cannes, France, are designed to showcase new talent and foster relationships among the international creative and business communities. "We are here to listen to filmmakers, so that we can continue to provide the tools they need. Our other goals at the festival are to help the next generation make important connections, to foster long-term relationships, and to continue to build on the future of filmmaking," says Thierry Perronnet, Kodak's Entertainment Imaging Division marketing director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Kodak's sponsorships and activities at Cannes include:

Camera d'Or - For the 23rd consecutive year, Kodak is the main sponsor of the Camera d'Or. One of the festival's most prestigious awards, the Camera d'Or recognizes first-time directors. The prize consists of €50,000 (approx. $67,000 U.S.) of Kodak motion picture film stock for the winner's next project. The Caméra d'Or often provides a springboard for the winner's career. The first Caméra d'Or was presented in 1978 to Robert M. Young for Alambrista! (The Illegal). In the intervening 30 years, Young has had a prolific career directing, writing and producing. Subsequent Camera d'Or winners include such influential filmmakers as Romain Goupil, Jim Jarmusch, Mira Nair, John Turturro, and last year's Warwick Thornton.

"It's a great feeling when you know that people are watching and loving what you have done," says Thornton about the honor. "We made the film (Samson and Delilah) on a very small budget and decided to concentrate our resources on the best capture format we could afford - 35 mm Kodak film scanned at 6K resolution. It's such hard work making a film - it's amazing when it pays off and you know that people like what they see."

L'Appartement Kodak (The Kodak Apartment) - Nearly 25 activities are planned from May 12 to May 23 at L'Appartement Kodak. The venue offers filmmakers a place to meet and network, or simply relax and socialize with one another and with representatives from Kodak. During the festival, roughly 12,000 industry professionals visit L'Appartement Kodak, located in the heart of the International Village, next to the American Pavilion. It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (with exceptions due to private events posted at the Pavilion entrance). This year, two new events take place at the L'Appartement Kodak:

  • Saturday, May 15, from 9-10:30 a.m.
    ACE (Ateliers du Cinema European) and Kodak present a seminar on the future of the Media Production Guarantee Fund, a program of the European Union. ACE is an organization of European producers, formed in 1973, that has become a resource for professional fellowship, as well as an important network of European producers. More than 200 feature film producers from 23 European territories are members of the association. For more information or to reserve a space, email info@ace-producers.com by May 7. There are a limited number of places available.
  • Tuesday, May 18, from 6-8 p.m.
    Kodak and accredited Kodak Imagecare laboratories host a reception for festival attendees interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of being part of the Imagecare Program. This initiative was launched in 1996 to assist laboratories in implementing the procedures and processes required for reliable and consistent processing quality. Today, the program counts more than 50 accredited member facilities. Membership indicates that a laboratory meets rigorous quality standards. An invitation is required to attend this event. Contact Fabien Fournillon at +336. or email fabien.fornillon@kodak.com.

Short Film Corner on the Riviera - This section of the festival is designed to bring new and independent filmmakers together with international buyers and distributors of short films through meet-and-greet receptions.

On Saturday, May 15, at 4 p.m., Kodak conducts a conference focusing on how filmmakers make the transition from shorts to long-form features. A young producer and director from the Cinefondation will be joined by a Kodak representative to share their experiences and offer useful advice to the emerging filmmakers in attendance.

Cinefondation and International Critics Week screenings - With the ongoing objective of helping young filmmakers, Kodak partners with Cinefondation, an association created by the festival in 1998 to support the next generation of international filmmakers. The organization selects young directors to participate in a course designed to help them plan and shoot their first or second feature.

Kodak also sponsors the screenings of International Critics Week (La Semaine de la Critique).

"Last year's winner of the Kodak Short Film Discovery prize, Logorama, went on to win the 2010 Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film," notes Perronnet. "The general public may be focused on the red carpet, but filmmakers looking ahead to their next project will hopefully be engaged and encouraged by our behind-the-scenes activities, which are designed to champion their efforts and to enable them to touch audiences through storytelling without compromise."

For more information on Kodak at Cannes, visit www.kodak.com/go/cannes, or follow Kodak's activities on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kodakMotionPictureFilm) and Twitter (@Kodak_at_Cannes).

Anyone interested in attending any of the Kodak-sponsored events throughout the Festival, obtaining a Kodak VIP Pass, or finding out more information about Kodak at Cannes, please contact your local representative (http://motion.kodak.com/US/en/motion/About/Cannes/cannes_people.htm).

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