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Published on website: December 18, 2012
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It’s been another amazing year and we’ve seen Kodak Motion Picture Films used to capture beautiful and powerful films all over the world! From the studios to the students, we’ve enjoyed watching you at work. We’ve also had the pleasure of engaging with you through content on our website and social media. Here’s a quick recap of our most popular content from the year that was. Enjoy!

Asset Protection Films

KODAK Asset Protection Films
KODAK Asset Protection Films

The classics are alive with the launch of our new platform of archiving films. 2012 saw the introduction of not one, but two new films to help preserve your motion picture assets. KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332 and KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237 joined KODAK VISION3 Color Digital Intermediate Film 2254/5254 in providing three great choices for your project!

Cinema Tools for iOS

KODAK Cinema Tools
KODAK Cinema Tools

We made a whole bunch of upgrades to our critically acclaimed mobile app for filmmakers in 2012. You can now find the sunrise and sunset times of anywhere in the world; perfect for planning a shoot! We also updated the camera films information to give you quick access to all the specifics, as well as demonstration videos. We even redesigned the entire interface! For these tools, plus a film and depth of field calculator and more, be sure to download KODAK Cinema Tools today!


Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. © 2012 - The Weinstein Company

This is our onlinemagazine that covers interesting and unique productions shot on Kodak Film from around the globe. This is your chance to learn the technical techniques that the cinematographer’s used to get that “look”. This year we have made the publication easier to read on the go with a new mobile friendly layout and also made it easier to comment on articles or share in your social networks.



The Storyboard

"This is me shooting a scene at the Billeting office on the ARRI LT. That's Kevin Akers, my first AC pulling in the background." - Reed Morano

Our blog. We love sharing our perspective on Kodak news, industry events and showcasing your work. This year we partnered with some legends as well as new talent to bring you unique opportunities like our Ask a Filmmaker Series – where the cinematographer answers YOUR production questions and My Dailies Journal – where Reed Morano shared her personal photos and thoughts on the set of Kill Your Darlings. There was also a lot of interest when we talked about our New Color Asset Protection film.

Film Matters

Film Matters

Of the roughly 500 comments we’ve received, a reoccurring theme has emerged. Choices. Gil Marsden’s comment regarding choice resonated the most with visitors, garnering 18 up votes. His comment illustrates how important the medium is for the artist and how diversity breeds growth. Be sure to check it out and share why Film Matters to you!

CHOICES Infographic

You've got CHOICES

With the popularity of infographics exploding throughout 2012, we decided to create one of our own. Remember, you’ve got choices!Whether it’s setting the benchmark for image quality or ensuring that image lives on far into the future, film delivers. The best part? Whether it’s 35mm 4-Perf, 3-Perf, 2-Perf or Super 16mm - You’ve got choices to best fit your project!

Ask a Filmmaker Series

Ask a Filmmaker - Michael Goi, ASC
Michael Goi, ASC

In 2012 we gave you the opportunity to get to know two amazing cinematographers and ask them your burning questions about lighting, stock choice, and more! Kodak’s Ask a Filmmaker series featured Michael Slovis, ASC and his work on Breaking Bad, as well as Michael Goi, ASC and his work on American Horror Story. We received amazing questions and both filmmakers went into great detail to give you an inside look at their respective productions. Read up on these featured cinematographers and be sure to follow Kodak’s Ask a Filmmaker Series for more!

EMMY® Engineering Award

Kodak Celebrates the Primetime Emmy Awards
2012 Philo T. Farnsworth Award (EMMY® Engineering Award)

KODAK was honored to be the recipient of the 2012 Philo T. Farnsworth Award recognizing the company’s innovation and leadership in image capture, processing and manipulation. This award stands with twelve others representing our contributions to the industry. Learn more about the EMMYs Kodak has received.

Kodak Cinematographer’s Field Guide
Kodak Cinematographer’s Field Guide

This is our home base. It’s THE source for all Kodak motion picture film product information, details on Kodak news and events, and valuable filmmaking resources like the Essential Reference Guide and the Cinematographer’s Field Guide.

Social Media

(Photo Courtesy of AMC)

We really enjoy hearing about all of your experiences and the status of your productions, and of course, seeing your photos! In fact, photos were such a big part of social media this year that we got onboard with Pinterest. We hope to connect with you there and on all of our channels in the New Year!


Thanks for engaging with us, sharing your production and behind-the-scenes photos, and posting footage for us to see! We are also very appreciative of all the kind notes we’ve gotten from customers via comments and tweets. Thank you from all of us here at Kodak’s Motion Picture Film Group!


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