AMC's The Walking Dead Shoots One Million Feet of Kodak Super 16mm Film

Published on website: November 13, 2012
Categories: 16mm , Alyson Shurtliff , Television , The StoryBoard Blog
(Photo Courtesy of AMC)

Director of Photography for AMC's The Walking Dead Season 3, Rohn Schmidt, and the cast and crew celebrate a milestone - the 1,000,000 feet of Kodak Motion Picture Film shot!

These filmmakers know that fright looks fabulous on film and since film is the only true archival medium, this modern-day classic will be around for future generations to fight the dead and fear the living.

Season 1 The Walking Dead cinematographer, David Boyd, ASC said they tested every conceivable format before production. “When the images came back, everyone realized that Super 16 was the format that made everything look right. With the smaller gauge and the grain, suddenly the images seemed to derive from the graphic novel itself. Every image is a step removed from reality and a step deeper into cinema.” Hear the rest of The Walking Dead team discussing the show’s creation.

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