Think About It… Future Proof Your Assets

Published on website: October 22, 2012
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We are pleased to announce that another asset protection film for writing digital image files onto celluloid is now available and has been added to our product portfolio.

KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237 is a black-and-white separation film for preserving images from color digital masters, and is optimized for laser, CRT and LED light sources utilized by digital recorders in the marketplace. Providing exceptional image quality including fine detail, tight grain, optimal resolution, and excellent flare characteristics, this archival film is offered on an ESTAR base for premier physical performance and long-term stability that lasts centuries in recommended conditions.

This specialized film joins KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332 and KODAK VISION3 Color Digital Intermediate Film 2254 to provide the industry with a range of options for protecting valuable assets.

We know from the Academy’s Digital Dilemma reports that today’s digital storage options are not a proven means for long-term preservation of assets. Our hope is that these three films get you – the producers, directors, cinematographers, studio executives, television creators, and indie filmmakers – thinking about the near future and well beyond.

Assuming someone else will properly handle your content to assure it’s available for the next great entertainment format is a lose-lose. The pace at which digital formats have been integrated in production pipelines has been swift, with introductions, upgrades and then replacements creating a data nightmare. Anyone working in the industry should think about hardware and software obsolescence. Film, however, is both forward and backwards compatible.

We have deep roots in the motion picture business, and over a century of expertise and research dedicated to making advancements for filmmakers and the film industry. Our years of research and development, innovation and industry knowledge continue to lead us down exciting new paths. And we are passionate about helping content owners preserve their moving pictures. Today’s visual stories are valuable for historical and cultural purposes, as well as future revenue generation.

It’s important to think about tomorrow today, when it concerns something you’ve poured your heart, soul and money into. Check out our options for archival films here: There is something for every need and budget.

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