The Garden Party

Published on website: July 30, 2012
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(l-r) George Eastman and Thomas Edison

It was July 30, 1928. George Eastman, the founder the Eastman Kodak Company, had a garden party at his home in Rochester, New York, the weekend before the announcment of Kodacolor. His guest list was very impressive and included:

  • Thomas Edison - an American inventor and businessman who developed the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and much more.
  • General John Pershing - a general officer in the United States Army in World War I.
  • Hiram Percy Maxim - an American radio pioneer and inventor.
  • Dr. F. E. Ives - an American inventor in charge of the photographic laboratory at Cornell University.
  • W. G.Stuber - President Eastman Kodak Company at the time.

In the morning, Mr. Eastman showed his guests a new system for the home movie maker - Kodacolor Film. He told them a filter and bright sunshine were all they would need and then invited his guests to use the system themselves. That evening the processed Kodacolor film that was shot earlier in the garden was shown.

Today is July 30, 2012 and it is so amazing to be able to watch rare color footage of Thomas Edison cranking the motion picture camera - and of course all of the fashions of the day! Film is today's only proven archival medium and this footage serves as a testimony.

Enjoy watching this intriguing piece of history courtesy of the George Eastman House Museum of Photography & Film where the original film footage is archived. To learn more, visit:  

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