Laborer's Love

Published on website: July 26, 2012
Categories: Alyson Shurtliff , Archiving , The StoryBoard Blog
Laborer's Love Poster

Lanwei BJ has been busy restoring five classical Chinese films this year including Laborer's Love (Laogong zhi aiqing), a 1922 short film produced in China.

Wang Haizhi, CEO of Lanwei, said "modern technology helped lower the cost and enhance the efficiency significantly on movie repairing. The fact that these were originated on motion picture film, makes it possible for us to have these images with over 100-years of history, and films are still the best archival media today."

Here's more interesting details as noted in the YouTube description: It is also known as Romance of a Fruit Peddler (Zhi guo yuan). It constitutes the earliest complete film from China's early cinematic history that survives today. Notably, the film had both Chinese and English intertitles; a clear indication that at this early point in its history, cinema in Shanghai was made not only for the Chinese, but for the many Westerners residing there as well.

Enjoy watching this piece of history that was shot 90 years ago and still looks amazing!

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