My Dailies Journal: Reed Morano on the set of Kill Your Darlings

Published on website: May 24, 2012
Categories: Feature Films , Reed Morano , The StoryBoard Blog

Reed Morano is taking us on location for her latest project Kill Your Darlings. Directed by John Krokidas, the film explores poet Allen Ginsberg’s (Daniel Radcliffe) life through his relationships with fellow writers Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William S. Burroughs (Ben Foster) and how their bond is tested when a friend is murdered. Check out what Reed and her crew have been up to behind-the-scenes:

Storyboard_Kill_Your_Darlings_ 11.jpg
"This is the day we shot the character Ginsberg arriving at Columbia for the first time. We had huge crowds out to see Dan Radcliffe. I'm in the foreground and Dan is to my left and director John Krokidas is to my right. We are lining up at dolly shot of Dan walking up the steps of the Lowe Building."



"That's dolly grip Eddie Koza setting up for a dolly move at Columbia University with some period background on the left."




"Check out gaffer Frank McCormack scheduling the clouds with his extra large gaffer glass."



"I use the Artemis app sometimes, and here I was framing up a shot I was going to do with the boys: (L-R) Dan Radcliffe, Ben Foster in the background, and Dane DeHaan in the foreground posing for me."




"This is me shooting a scene at the Billeting office on the ARRI LT. That's Kevin Akers, my first AC pulling in the background."



"We were shooting a zoom in as a part of the library sequences in the film and this is some of the camera dept. From left: camera grip Eddie Koza, operator Afton Grant, first AC Waris Supanpong and camera PA Conny Klapper."




"This is the set of Lucien Carr's (Dane DeHaan) dorm room. In between shots, everyone having a moment: from left is Dan Radcliffe, set dresser Emma McHugh, first AC Kevin Akers, our script Leslie Zak (standing), director John Krokidas and me in the foreground."



"For an opening shot on the Hudson River, the crew sets up a SuperTechnocrane with HydroHead and a 435 in a HydroFlex deep water housing."




"Setting up the 10K on the pier on the Hudson River up at Inwood."



"Setting up for the SuperTechnocrane shot with our water safety guys."



"Shooting the last shot (on the second to last night of shooting) trying to get it all before the sun comes up!"



"(Clockwise): My first AC, Kevin Akers and camera intern Dani Girdwood; Camera intern Conny Klapper trying to steal my cake at lunch; Camera department goofing around in between takes; Me, key grip Tommy Kerwick and gaffer Frank McCormack."



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