I'm Yours: A 2-Perf Love Story

Published on website: April 26, 2012
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Scene from I'm Yours in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The 35mm 2-perf format is gaining popularity with low budget features due to the inherent cost savings of using 50% less stock. The format gives you the many benefits of film and is a natural fit for widescreen projection.

I'm Yours is a romantic comedy about two lost souls on an illuminating road trip from Manhattan to the wilds of Northern Canada starring Rossif Sutherland and Karine Vanasse and was shot on Kodak VISION3 5212, 5217 and 5219 in 2-Perf. In their own words, Director Leonard Farlinger and Cinematopgraher Jonathon Cliff share why it was the right format for their story.

Director Leonard Farlinger
Rossif Sutherland and Karine Vanasse in a scene from I'm Yours

Director Leonard Farlinger:
The most important reason why we shot on 35mm Kodak was that we wanted to represent the North in all its wide screen beauty. 35mm 2-perf made this affordable. 35mm has always looked amazing and for a film that juxtaposes a love story with beautiful landscape, the range of colours and the resolution is surpassed by no other format. In a romance, 35mm is so much more flattering to the actors, who as a necessity of the narrative, have to appear attractive - not that Karine Vanasse and Rossif Sutherland need much help looking beautiful. For a lower budget film, 35mm gives huge production value and allows for faster lighting set-ups. It's still the best way to go.

Cinematographer Jonathon Cliff:
"From the very first discussions about format before pre-production on I'm Yours it was agreed that 2:40 would be the most appropriate way to capture the story.  It is an intimate story of the connection between two people who fall in love in the context of a journey across Northern Ontario. Ostensibly because of its elongated rectalinear nature 2:40 is the aspect ratio of relationships. The relationship between individuals and the relationship of those individuals to their environment and surrounding landscapes is more easily emphasized by the compositional attributes of 2:40. I'm Yours was a very low budget production and as such, the almost 50% savings in film stock costs of the 2-perf format was a Godsend.  The 35mm 2-perf format allows one to shoot on some of the best cameras ever designed at a fraction of the price of what it would cost to shoot on any comparable digital camera. It effectively tilts the often uninformed debate of the economics of film vs. digital in low budget filmmaking way towards the side of film - and since that is the case, it makes it a no brainer. And besides all that, if it was good enough for Sergio Leone (one of my favorite directors), it's good enough for me."

Learn more about the format:
Download the sell sheet to see the workflow comparisons and considerations 35mm 2-perf to decide if it's the right choice for your next production.

Watch the trailer and see the beauty of 35mm 2-perf for yourself.


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