KODAK Film School Cinematography Competition 2011 Winners

Published on website: December 15, 2011
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We announced the regional and 35mm winners last month and wanted to showcase and congratulate all of the KODAK Film School Cinematography Competition country winners as well!

Comprised of student crews, films from more than 25 countries were selected to move on to the next round of judging by John Bailey, ASC (The Big Miracle, Ordinary People). Of those, three regional winners and one 35mm winner were selected.

Here's a quick recap of the winners:

Joshua Spires from the University of North Texas for the Americas region

Johannes Praus from the University of Film & Television "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam for the Europe-Africa-Middle East region

Masanori Yokota from Osaka University of Arts for the Asia-Pacific region.

Brendan Barnes from AFDA in South Africa for the worldwide 35mm competition.

Click here for more information on the KODAK Film School Cinematography Competition.

And now for the country selections! Enjoy, and keep an eye on these up and coming filmmakers!


Pablo Paniagua

University: Universidad del Cine
Film Title: JUKU
Production Crew: Pablo Paniagua (DOP), Toto Ibanez (1st Assistant de Camera), miguel Hilari (gaffer), Mauricio Quiroga (director)


Goldie Soetianto

School/ University/ College: Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
Film Title: The Fall of Erebus
Film stock: KODAK VISION3 200T 7213
Production Crew: Director/ Writer - Jeffery Andersen Jnr; Producer - Felicity-Rose Harris; Production Designer - Ethan Waghorn; Costume Director - Vanessa Rankin; Editor/ Visual Effects - Christopher Jowsey


Bibiana Merlin Kasper

University: PUCRS - Curso Superior DeTechnologia Em Audiovisual
Film Title: Boia
Film Stock: 200T

Marcella Nunes

University: Universidade Estacus de sa
Film Title: Itapoanama



Dimitar Skobelev

University: NATFA
Film Title: The Service
Film Stock: V3 7219, 500T
Production Crew: Boris Nikolov (director), Petar Marivou (editor), Mariela Malova (art director), Alexsander Kalanov (composer)



Yann-Manuel Hernandez

University: University of Montreal
Film Title: From Which Dream Shall We Revive
Film Stock: Tri-X BW Reversal, Plus-X 7265
Production Crew: Charles-Andre Coderre (director, script), Mattie-Eve Crepeau (art Direction, editor), Guillaume Guerette (sound designer, editor),Ariel Desbiens, Ines Guennaoui (1st assistant camera)


Andres Gallegos

University: Universidad UNIACC
Film Title: Float
Film Stocks: 500 T 7219, 200T 7217
Production Crew: Shira Abraham (production), Martin Amezaga (direction), Andres Gallegos (DOP)


Qiao Zhang

Film School/ University/ College: Beijing Film Academy
Film Title: Undertow
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 500T 5219; KODAK VISION2 50D 5201
Production Crew: Director - Qi Tanyang; Recordist - He Bin

Costa Rica

Nicolas Wong

University: Universidad Veritas
Film Title: L'enfant Fatale
Film Stock: V3 500T


Hannu Koivuranta

University: Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Film Title: A Lesson
Film Stock: V3 250D
Production Crew: Hannu Koivuranta (Cinematographer), Outi Hartikaineg (director), Iiro Peltonen (editor), Mikko Koskinen (Sound Designer)


Johannes Praus

University: Konrad Wolf
Film Title: Submerged
Film Stock: V3 500T 7249
Production Crew: Johannes Leistner (director, Johannes Praus (DOP), Constance Nunke (production manager), Stefan Hoh (script consultant), Gernot Bayer (gaffer), Stefanie Kosik (editor), Kay Riedel (sound)
Synopsis: In their circles, people at dinner talk about Italian pepper mills and the dynamism of China. But the parents' high-earning idyll faces a serious challenge. Their daughter has a new boyfriend. He's from another world. And he's made himself threateningly comfortable in their home, between their bathroom and their fridge. "Got a Beer? How should they react - laissez-faire or zero tolerance? The film shows a clash o cultures unfolding in a family's own four walls. It's a tale of the values you're prepared to defend, and of petty people driven to rage.


Lotta Kilian

University: Konrad Wolf
Film Title: We Die
Film Stock: 250D 5205, 5207, 500T 5218
Production Crew: Josephine Links - Director, Lotta Kilian - Cinematographer, Anne Junemann - Editing, Jana Irmert, Jan Pasemann - Sound editing, Leonard Petersen - Music, Verna Maul, Set Design, Verna Schilling - Producer


Hong Kong

Ka Shun Chan

School/ University/ College: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Film Title: Drifting
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 250D 7207; KODAK VISION3 500T 7219
Production Crew: Producer - Tsz Tim Mok; Director - Sum Lam; Scriptwriter - Sum Lam & Bik Yu Mok; Editor - Pak Ming Cheung; Sound - Choi Hung Wat


Jigmet Wangchuk

School/ University/ College: FTII
Film Title: Self Woven
Film stock: KODAK VISION3 500T 5219
Production Crew: Director - Zatina Gamet; Editor - Maryann D'Souza; Art Director - S. Ramakrishnan


Masanori Yokota

School/ University/ College: Osaka University of Arts
Film Title: Bullet of Anger
Film stocks: KODAK VISION2 200T 7217; KODAK VISION3 500T 7219
Production Crew: Director - masaki Okada; Producer - Daiki Sasayama; Camera Assistant - Nobuo Ushimaki/ Takahiro Yamamoto/ Kazuaki Mantoku; Sound recording - Naoya Nishigaki



Muhamad Afiq Bin Muhamad Mohsin

School/ University/ College: ASWARA
Film Title: The Box
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 500T 7219; KODAK VISION3 250D 7207
Production Crew: Director/ Scriptwriter/ Producer - Muhammad Ariffin Zulkarnain; Production Designer - Nurul Maziahani Mazlan; Assistant Director - Audrie Yeo Sui Lan; 1st Assistant Cinematographer/ Focus Pullare - Izzat Emir Mainon


Andres Gonzalez

University: Universidad Iberamericana
Film Title: Out of Earth
Film Stock: V3 250D 7207
Production Crew: Ilana Coleman (direction), Jeronimo Fernandez (productor), Noreli Montoya (DOP), Pablo Cauia (1st Assistant DOP)

New Zealand

Paul Jackson

School/ University/ College: New Zealand Film and Television School
Film Title: Devil's Door to Heaven
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 500T 7219
Production Crew: Director - Lilian Beets; Camera Operator - Josh O'brien; Focus Puller - Bonnie Lowe; Clapper - Paurel Kuatch; Video Assist - Ben White; Grip - Neil Hunter; Gaffer - Helmut Marko; Sound Rec - Dylan Jauslin; Boom - Sandy Davis


Juan Martin R. Engracia

School/ University/ College: International Academy for Film and Television
Film Title: Black Balloon
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 250D 7207; KODAK VISION3 200T 7213
Production Crew: Director - John Imson; Assistant Director - Jhel Pedrina; Editor - Karl Poriu; Production Design - Ronald Parcon; Gaffer Yussuf Yunus


Carlos Batista

University: Universidad LusoFona
Film Title: The Lieutenant
Film Stock: 16mm Kodak 100/200 iso
Production Crew: Executive Producer:Catarina Carrola, Production Director:Pedro Caetano, Producer:Sofia Salvado, Producer Assistant:Andre Germano, Producer Assistant:Marta Malva, Producer Assistant:Diana Lima, Producer Assistan:Sofia Leite, Still Photographer:Anabela Vieira, Screenwriting:Rafael A.Martins, Director:Rafael A.Martins, 1st Director Assistant: Elisabete Mendes, 2nd Director Assistant:JoaoTavares, 3rd Director Assistant:Francisco Durao, 1st Continuity Person:Susana Barroso, 2nd Continuity Person:Nilton Medeiros, 3rd ContinuityPerson:Henry Nesbitt


Susnea Simona

University: UNATC
Film Title: Smoking May Kill
Film Stock: Double X B&W 7222
Production Crew: Millo Simulov (director), Simona Susnea, Mihail Ursu (Cinematographer), Rusimova Emanueut (editing, sound editing and design)


Marjorie Teo

School/ University/ College: Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Film Title: Summer & Its Rain
Film stock: 16mm

South Africa

Brendan Barnes

University: AFDA
Film Title: Those of the Water
Film Stock: V3 500T, V3 250D
Production Crew: (Zwelisizwe Ntuli - Writer & Director, Benita Khoosal - Producer, Brendan Barnes - Cinematographer, Mosibudi Peeha - Production Designer, Karien goosen - Editor, Grant Davies - Visual Effects
Snyopsis: The film explores an ancient Xhosa belief of the Abantu Bomlambo (The People of the Water). When a young boy called Siphelele is found washed up from the ocean, Nobuntu believes he is a gift from the ancestors. 'Those of the Water' is the story of this young boy searching for a sense of belonging in a new world.

35mm WINNER.

South Korea

Hachul Chung

School/ University/ College: Seoul Institute of the Arts
Film Title: Knock
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 500T 7219; KODAK VISION2 200T 7217
Production Crew: Director - Sung Chul Shin; Producer - Inae Lee



Rodrigo Pannacci

University: Septima Ars. Escuela de cine & TV
Film Title: In My Bubble
Film Stock: 200T, 50D
Production Crew: Juan Luis Banuelos (director), Andres de la torre (camera operator)


Chia-Tang Tsai

School/ University/ College: Shin Hsin University
Film Title: In Our Age
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 250D 7207; KODAK VISION3 500T 7219
Production Crew: Producer - Yi-Jyun Yang; Director - Fang-Tzu Kuo


A-Sana Tanasoponpitak

School/ University/ College: Rangsit University
Film Title: Unlikeness
Film stocks: KODAK VISION3 500T 5219; KODAK VISION3 250D 5207; KODAK VISION2 50D 5201
Production Crew: Director - Pitchanat Suktom;
Producer - Amittada Searsebjarenu; Co-producer - Kanukpah Suriwong; Sound - Weottichal Rattanasiriponchai; Wardrobe - Kanyalak Keawpadap


Rafael Antonaccio

University: Universidad ORT/ORT 16
Film Title: Neon
Film Stock: 500 T V2
Production Crew: Santiago Olivera, Rafael Antonaccio, Johanna Silveira (directors), Fernanda Notte (production)

United States of America

Joshua Spires

University: University of North Texas
Film Title: The Whale
Film Stocks: V3 50D, 250D
Production Crew: Jaime Chapin (director), Lea Kocurek producer), Derek Kocich (AC/gaffer), Ian McKenyon (key grip), KoreyCaldwell (editor), Kyle Hughes (sound)
Synopsis: A young boy lives in an ephemeral fantasy in his struggle to escape the cycle of paternal abuse.


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