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Published on website: October 11, 2011
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Fabien Fournillon, Kodak Marketing Communications Manager, France

It was an amazing and inspiring week watching all the creative commercials at the Golden Drum. For me one thing is clear: commercials shot on film win awards. Here's a few of the award winning commercials that were shot on film. Please join me in congratulating these agencies and production companies that have their brand message stand out and get noticed on film! Hope you enjoy viewing them.

Father's Hands
Award Golden Drum in Food Category
Agency LOWE (Kiev) Ukrain
Brand Owner : Nestlé
Product : Nuts Trio

Art director: Vladimir Kuchmarenko, Stas Kachanovsky
Copywriter: Eugene Pakhmutov, Andrew Yarynich
Creative director: Olexiy Pasichnyk
Director of Photography: Fraser Taggart
Director: Charley Stadler
Production company: Radioactive Film

Colon 101
Award Golden Drum in Household Maintenance
Agency: Euro RSCG (Tel Aviv) Israel
Brand Owner: Reckitt Benckiser
Product : Laundry detergent

Art director: Ben Sever
Copywriter: Ilan Nachmias/Yiftach Chozev
Creative director: Ben Sever
Project manager: Dana Caro
Sound: Soundhouse
Director: Adam Sanderson
Production company: Shosi & Udi

Award Golden Drum in Retail and Public Servicies Category
Brand Name : Moemax Furniture Store
Product : Furniture Store

Art director: Rene Pichler (AD), Lukas Hueter, Benjamin Fillitz (Graphic)
Copywriter: Alistair Thompson
Creative director: Alistair Thompson, Rene Pichler
Director of Photography: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Soundstudio: Tic Music, Music: Kathriner Sound (Christian W. Mayr, Thomas Kathriner)
Director: Christopher Schier
Production company: Filmhaus Wien
Producers: Dr. Wolfgang Ramml, Christian Florin

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