New Europe, New Thinking

Published on website: October 10, 2011
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Fabien Fournillon, Kodak Marketing Communications Manager, France

New Europe, New Thinking is the main theme of the 18th International Advertising Festival of New Europe Golden Drum. However, the theme extends beyond the festival. It's reflective of the new ways in which we support the advertising world and the new ways we are engaging with this creative industry.

What is New Europe?  

New Europe consists of countries from Eastern and Central Europe but also extends its influence beyong this part of the continent as it includes Russia, Central Asia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Nordics and the Baltics countries. With a regional market of more than 400 million customers, the New Europe advertising market has become one of the most dynamic in the world. It competes with the other dynamic markets of South America or Asia. Established in 2004, the Golden Drum Advertising Festival of New Europe has become one of advertising's largest and most important events; a juncture between creativity and different cultures. This market is well structured with a full network of the largest communication agencies and advertisers, as well as labs, post houses and key industry partners such as Kodak.


What is New Thinking?  

Kodak is proud to serve this community by providing a full range of camera negative film stocks and superior customer support. Anywhere you shoot a commercial in this part of the world, the Kodak team accompanies the brand to ensure they get the optimum results that will connect their products and services with their audience like no other medium can. Film helps your brand stand out and get noticed amongst today's multitude of images and information.

Hear what our customers are saying at the Golden Drum:

Eda Kauba, Euro RSCG, Prague

Richard Striebitz, Wunderman Prague

View the Full Playlist:  

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