Drum Roll . . . The Golden Drum In'tl Ad Fest Begins

Published on website: September 29, 2011
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Madlen Nicolaus
Madlen Nicolaus, Kodak Europe Social Media Manager, UK

Be sure to keep up with all of the activity from the Golden Drum:

This week marks the start of the 18th edition of the Golden Drum International Advertising Festival held October 5-8 in Portorož – Slovenia. Kodak will be there and will celebrate alongside of the most creative agencies, advertisers, media houses in Europe - the art of commercials. We will document the events and share them with you in real time via Twitter, Facebook, video interviews and posts to our 1000Words Blog. Here’s a preview of some of our activities:

Celebrating Commercials on Film
Kodak Entertainment Imaging maintains a strong presence in the commercial production market across all of Europe. 2011 marks a new step in this strategic position, with several prestigious spots being shot on Kodak film. Leading industry sectors such as luxury brands, the automobile sector, services like banks and insurance companies, the food sector and distribution networks choose Kodak film to connect themselves to their audience.


Meet the Kodak team at Golden Drum!
Meet the Kodak team at the Kodak Booth (12th floor) GH Bernardin. We will run demos and exhibit S8 cameras, S16mm cameras and 35mm cameras to show to the creative community the wide range of possibilities offered by film technology. We will offer the opportunity to shoot images on film and answer questions you may have on shooting film for your next commercial.


Kodak Presents straight 8

  • Friday, October 7 at 5:00pm
  • Emerald Hall - GH Bernardin


Ed Sayers and Will Cummock of straight 8 will present a mindblowing 60 minute selection of the straight 8 films. straight 8 invites anyone, anywhere to make a short film on one cartridge of Kodak Super 8 film, without any editing or post.

Every year over 100 filmmakers, from novices to professionals take part. The first time successful entrants see their film is at one of straight 8's worldwide premieres, like at Cannes Film festival and Cannes Lions Advertising Festival where they showcase the very best entries from each year.

straight 8 and Kodak plan to inspire the best of New Europe to take part in straight 8 2012. Here’s what straight 8 founder, Ed Sayers, has to say: “Kodak has been supporting straight 8 for ten years and they originally took straight 8 to the Cannes Film Festival. We’re really excited about now going together to the mighty Golden Drum and sprinkling some seeds of inspiration: laying down our challenge to make an amazing 3 minute short film with NO creative brief. Kodak continues to make Super 8 versions of their latest beautiful film stocks (respect!!) – all we need are people with great ideas to film on them and the balls to pull it off with no re-takes!”

Kodak Sponsorship
Kodak are sponsors of the Golden Drum through the Virtuosa Awards

Each jury shall nominate a maximum of three entries from those included on the shortlist to receive the following special Virtuoso Awards:

  • Best Illustration for author of best illustration
  • Best Photography for author of best photography
  • Best Cinematography for director of photography of the best film clip


The Creative Party


So if you’d like to follow the Golden Drum activities online and watch the videos remember the hashtags #Kodak #GoldenDrum on Twitter and bookmark the following links:


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