Toronto International Film Festival Recap

Published on website: September 20, 2011
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Johanna Gravelle

The Toronto International Film Festival has come and gone for 2011. As I reflect back on the festival, I thought I would share with you some of my TIFF experiences and some of the people I bumped into at the Kodak events.

The week started with the Canadian Film Centre BBQ, an annual events that draws over 2000 people! Kodak sponsors the Kodak Film Industry Pavilion and enjoys snapping photos of our guests during the celebration. While mingling around the Kodak tent, I bumped into Canadian cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson. He was at the BBQ to network with colleagues and to promote a S16mm horror that he is hoping to shoot in the near future. He feels that the esthetics of S16 work really well for a horror film (I couldn’t agree more) and he is determined to get his producer to agree.

Michael Jari Davidson

Then I bumped into cinematographer/producer Amy Belling. Amy is a previous winner of a Kodak student award and has done us proud in the last few years. She has been very active in working some pretty big festivals – Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand and now TIFF! In her spare time, she is shooting commercials in LA. Way to go Amy!!! Check out her link –

Amy Belling

Speaking of Kodak award winners, I also met Ana Valine (pictured here with Arthur Cooper, CSC) who was just announced as the Kodak New Vision Mentorship winner through WIFT-T. As part of the award, Ana will attend the festival and network with key industry professionals. She will also mentor with Laurie May, Alliance Films and with renowned Canadian Director Deepa Mehta. The best part of the award (at least in my opinion!) is the $5000 of Kodak Motion Picture film that Ana can use on her next feature.

Ana Valine and Arthur Cooper, CSC

The BBQ was a day full of good food, amazing weather and great conversations with our wonderful customers and industry partners.

Next up – parties. As you probably know, TIFF is well known for its glitzy parties. There is no shortage of them; the trick, however, is to get an invite! I was lucky enough to be invited to the WIFT-T reception @ TIFF and it was impressive. Taking place at the Pinewood Toronto Studios, there was amble room to mingle which is a rarity at most TIFF parties. WIFT-T also joined forces with the Canadian Broadcasters Corporation (CBC) and many CBC personalities were in attendance. Here is the Kodak Gang that attended:

(l-r)Eva Courtemanche, Pat Tiberio, Michel Golitzinsky, Rhonda Lockwood and Johanna Gravelle (me)

Off to another party… Reel World Indie Lounge Reception. Tonya Lee Williams (aka Dr. Oliva Barber Winters from the Young and the Restless) is the founder of the Reel World Film Festival that runs every April and the Indie Lounge that take place during TIFF. This year’s party was definitely the place to be and we managed to squeeze our way through the crowd to get a photo with the most popular girl of the night – Tonya!

(l-r) Michel Golitzinsky, Tonya Lee Williams and Rhonda Lockwood

The next day was the Reel World Indie Lounge and it is always popular with young filmmakers. Kodak has sponsored this event for many years, as it gives us the opportunity to interact with emerging filmmakers. This year the team gave a presentation on the many different choices filmmakers have with film formats.

Reel World Indie Lounge

Check out what Tonya has to say about the Indie Lounge:

The last person that I bumped into was Justin Lovell from who came to the Indie Lounge to check out the latest from Kodak. Justin is an avid Super 8 and S16mm shooter – have a look at what he is up to at Justin was good enough to say a few words about his relationship to Kodak. Thanks Justin!!

All in all TIFF did not disappointment and I am looking forward to doing it all again next year!

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