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Published on website: June 09, 2011
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Lola Video
Gina & Josh of Lola Video (photo by Joel Serrato)

Lola Video is made up of Gina (that’s me) & Josh (that’s him). We are a husband & wife team. I am the primary shooter & creative editor. As an artist loving different forms of medium, Super 8 film was a natural progression. I absolutely love its nostalgic look & feel as well as everything about it, right down to the sound the “vintage cameras” make when shooting.

Josh, on the other hand, is a music freak. He is constantly searching for newer up-and-coming artists for use in our films. Since there is no sound in the world of Super 8mm, Josh’s background as a DJ/SoundRecorder has become invaluable. Sound recording and capturing the audio from your ceremony vows is something I leave up to him. Then later, in the final edit I “sync sound” bringing the film & sound to life in a finished product you’ll want to watch over and over. Josh also second shoots for me and talks with prospective clients to get everything worked out in securing our bookings.

Where are you located?

Ventura, California

How did you get your start filming weddings?

Having a husband that was already in the industry as a DJ, I had accompanied him for a few years and had grown fond of weddings. Seeing the need for great wedding films as most wedding videos were quite cheesy, I decided to give cinematography a try and started Lola Video in 2004.

Did you have any formal training in filmmaking?

Other than going to Art School , I have always been a self learner. I learned how to film & edit thru the internet with online tutorials. I also learned from other professionals that were kind enough to help. Along with lots of practice & experience I learned to perfect the medium I was using.

What’s your creative style or vision for wedding cinematography?

I want to create films that our couples will want to watch year after year. Something they can look back on and cherish, and hopefully share with their children & grandchildren in the future. So I like to keep our films simple & elegant, not using tons of effects or music that is very overused.

What role does film play in achieving that for you and what made you choose the super 8mm format?

When I first saw a Super 8 film, I was instantly hooked. I immediately fell in love with the vintage look that is natural to Super 8. The dust particles, grain & natural flicker of light became beautiful in my eyes as an art form. I knew I wanted to learn everything about it.

What do you think draws your clients?

I think most of our clients are drawn to our style of editing and especially the music we choose. We strive to find music that is fresh, new and that fits the personality of each couple. I also think they like the fact that we are not obtrusive on the day of the wedding, but try to blend in so that we capture the natural reaction of them & their guests socializing.

How do they respond when they receive their final films?

Our clients are thrilled when they receive their finished film. Below are a couple quick quotes from some of the thank you cards we’ve received:

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the video! LOVE LOVE LOVE the presentation...I opened the package and thought I’d sent myself a are my kindred creative spirit! I love how you took all the details to pull together the most BEAUTIFUL and SWEET and STUNNING treat!”

“ We are thanking our lucky stars for finding you. By far you were our greatest investment and the joy, beauty and grace with which you captured our wedding day will forever be captured in our hearts...if only I could carry your talent around in my pocket and be able to share in your ability to illuminate the beauty in the most memorable days of our lives.”

“We wanted to thank you for our beautiful wedding video. Aaron & I have had numerous “showings” at our house & love how all the little nuances were captured. One of our best decisions was using you, other than getting married.”

Do you have a favorite stock to shoot with?

I love Kodak’s VISION3 200T & 500T for color and Tri-X Reversal for B&W. The color is great for all the details & skin tones. The 200T has nice, rich, sharp color and the 500T is fast enough for lower lighting conditions such as in church settings or at sunset. Tri-X black & white is just timeless and I love the contrast. It is always a must-have in any of our films.

What postproduction path do you follow: What facility do you use for the transfer? Do you scan at HD or other resolution for the editing portion of your projects? On what system do you edit the films?

Spectra FIlm & Video is the lab we use and highly recommend. They do an awesome job in developing & transferring all the footage onto a hard drive. Once we receive it we then edit it on a MacPro with Final Cut Pro.

How has your work evolved over your career? Have advancements in technology - for example, film stocks, lenses, camera mounts, etc. - changed the way you shoot a project?

I used to use Nizo camera’s when I first got into Super 8mm filming, but now use Canon cameras. I love the 514 to use with Kodak’s Tri-X B&W film stock and the 1014 for anything in color, namely the Vision 3 200T & 500T film stocks. Also, I have learned how to record the audio for the ceremony & toasts in a much more mobile & professional way that I can use to incorporate into our wedding films.

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