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Published on website: June 08, 2011
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Forever Films
Forever Films

Forever Films, is a boutique wedding cinematography company. We are a company of working directors, cinematographers, and editors living and working in Hollywood.

Forever Films was originally started by Logan Hefflefinger, a film editor in Los Angeles.  A romantic and artist, as Logan and his then fiance were planning their wedding he decided he could not bear to have a camcorder following them around on their wedding day.  He wanted to tell a story of the wedding day from the bride, groom and guests’ perspectives. He wanted it to be beautiful and nostalgic.  And so Forever Films began.

Where are you located?

Santa Monica, CA

How did you get your start filming weddings?

The first wedding we filmed was our own in Savannah, GA. I hired my 2 director friends from LA to fly to Savannah to shoot it. We fell in love with the process and the product and just continued from there.

Did you have any formal training in filmmaking?

I was a graphic design and film major in college.  I am also a professional film editor in Los Angeles. In college I fell in love with film when I took a class on Super 8.  I made and edited my first film with Super 8. It is such a beautiful and sincere format.

What’s your creative style or vision for wedding cinematography?

We choose to shoot Super 8 and 16mm film to evoke emotion that immediately makes our films timeless. Our goal is to tell a story.  A story about love and family from all different perspectives.  This sometimes gets lost in the emotion and business of the day and it is very important for us to keep true to this.  We take this emotion and tie it to a very real and beautiful shot selection. Our end product leaves you with a film that helps the bride and groom truly relive their wedding day in the purest form. And it is one of the only wedding videos that other people love watching as well.  Not just the bride and groom.

What role does film play in achieving that for you and what made you choose the super 8mm format?

Film is the only format that can translate what is shot into an emotional piece and reach straight to the heart. It is not something that can really be explained to just anyone, unfortunately.  It is so visual that people have to see it before they fully understand the integrity of film.

What do you think draws your clients?

Our end product is different than any other wedding film out there. It is a work of art based on something very personal.  It is irreplaceable and priceless. From the shots, to the music and the final is done with integrity and a genuine desire for perfection.  Our films are extremely unique and special, leaving the bride, groom, and anyone else that watches with the desire to watch them over and over again.

How do they respond when they receive their final films?

We have had a lot of reactions. Probably my favorite are the calls from the bride and groom right after they watch their wedding film. I usually coordinate with the groom and have him surprise his bride. They call me and are crying and so joyful. I remember that feeling. That first moment right after they see it for the first time is unlike any other. It's why I keep doing this. It's something you just can't put into words. I remember how my wife and I reacted the first time we watched ours. It is extremely rewarding being able to provide that same experience to someone else. I am a perfectionist and it is certainly time consuming and hard work.  We typically only commit to five a year due to the fact that I am a true film editor and am quite busy.  It is so important to me that I have the appropriate time to dedicate to each story in order to make it perfect.

Do you have a favorite stock to shoot with?

Well you can't beat KODACHROME. I miss that. I definitely love to shoot reversal whenever possible. Now, I'd say my favorite color stock is EKTACHROME and my favorite black and white is Plus-X. It's nice to shoot with stocks that I've shot with for 15 years. 

What postproduction path do you follow: What facility do you use for the transfer? Do you scan at HD or other resolution for the editing portion of your projects? On what system do you edit the films?

I like to try and keep everything at one facility. I will use typically use Spectra Film & Video or Super 8 Sound. Ideally I would buy all my own Kodak stocks and transfer at Cinelicious, but my budgets just don't allow for this. I still transfer and cut in standard def. Keeping it old school. I cut on Avid as well.

How has your work evolved over your career? Have advancements in technology - for example, film stocks, lenses, camera mounts, etc. - changed the way you shoot a project?

Our films have gotten better over time. I've learned what shots to get and what shots really play well in the final wedding stories. I have also tried almost every film stock out there and have found my favorites for every situation. We also shoot multiple cameras to get different stock and coverage.

Advancements in technology have only hurt my process I'd say. It has made everything that I do even more rare. Using film is a growing rarity in itself these days. I use cameras as old as the 40's to the 70's. So camera parts, batteries, etc are just harder to find. Prices have gone up with this growing rarity of old cameras, film, and facilities that provide services.

Unfortunately because of this, we find that very few people choose to put wedding budget towards the film. They do not always see the importance of capturing these memories during the planning period.  We have even had several people decide not to book due to budget constraints and call after the fact with complete regret.  They wish they had just made the investment, because there is no way to really capture that day like we are able to do.  Of course we hate hearing from people with regrets.  We say invest in your memories over the napkins, programs & toss bouquet.  There really are more valuable and important things that you just do not realize until after the fact.

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