Meet Gary Einhaus

Published on website: November 04, 2010
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Meet Gary Einhaus

Chief Technical Officer
General Manager, Digital Cinema
Director, New Business Development
Vice President, Entertainment Imaging,
Eastman Kodak Company

Gary Einhaus is currently Chief Technology Officer for Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Business and Director of New Business Development.  In these roles he is responsible for the product development organization, intellectual property licensing, and future business and technology strategies.  He is also the General Manager of the Digital Cinema business within Entertainment Imaging. 

Gary’s roles at Kodak have spanned Research, Innovation, Product Commercialization, Manufacturing and Business General Management.  He has extensive experience in a broad range of both film and digital technologies. He was General Manager and Vice President of the Digital Systems Business in the Kodak Professional Business Unit.  He also served as Chief Technical Officer in Kodak Professional.   Gary was also the founder and Director of the System Concepts Center (SCC), a corporate breakthrough innovation center.  Prior to joining Entertainment Imaging, he was worldwide Director of the Kodak Research Labs.

Following a year as an exchange student in Austria, Gary obtained Engineering degrees from Lehigh University (B.S.) and the University of Rochester (M.S.) He also attended executive education programs in Business Administration from IRI/Harvard College and Business General Management from Columbia University.

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