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Published on website: October 04, 2010
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Like many cinematographers, creating photographic images has been a passion for Chris from a young age. With intentions of pursuing feature film work, he studied fine art photography and filmmaking at Rochester Institute of Technology. As often happens, his life and priorities changed dramatically when he married and started a family. Shortly after leaving college, Eastman Kodak offered him a position in the motion picture research division in 1981. That job eventually allowed him to pursue his passion for the filmmaking craft as a cinematographer within Entertainment Imaging. Since then, Chris has been involved with every new film program that Kodak has introduced beginning with the EXR family in the late 80’s. He has been responsible for creating demonstrations used in launching new film products as well as internal technical comparisons for Kodak’s systems development group. In addition to shooting, Chris has taught Kodak cinematography workshops for students all over the world. Though he admits to not be overly technical by nature, he gleaned a wealth of photographic knowledge by rubbing shoulders with the world’s finest photographic scientists and engineers. With a practical approach to solving photographic problems, Chris has helped many customers and workshop students in their understanding of the art and science of motion pictures.

And for the past thirty years, Chris has lived with his wife and four children under the 18% gray skies of Rochester, New York.

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