Meet Kimberly Snyder

Published on website: March 19, 2010
Categories: Kimberly Snyder , The StoryBoard Blog

kim_snyder_head_shot.jpgPresident & General Manager, Entertainment Imaging, Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company

Kimberly Snyder is responsible for all aspects of Kodak’s business with the motion picture and television industry. This includes both the traditional film technologies used to capture and print moving images, as well as the evolving digital technologies that provide new imaging capabilities and the promise of a new cinematic experience. She previously was general manager of Image Capture Products within Entertainment Imaging.

Ms. Snyder joined Kodak in 1984 as a systems analyst, went on to hold positions of increasing responsibility within information systems, and subsequently moved into leadership positions in finance. In 1998, she moved into Entertainment Imaging, where she has held positions in finance, regional sales and general management.

Ms. Snyder graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a BS in computer science, and she holds an MBA from the University of Rochester William E. Simon Graduate School of Business.

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