Meet Bob Mastronardi

Published on website: August 17, 2009
Categories: Bob Mastronardi , The StoryBoard Blog
headshot_mastronardi.gifAfter attending UCLA, Bob began his career in the motion picture industry at Du Art Film Labs in NYC and moved from there to a continuing career in Kodak’s motion picture products and services business, starting in the greater NYC/ NJ area.  Through the years, he’s dealt with some of the world’s premier filmmakers, including Ethan and Joel Coen, Ted Hope, James Schamus, Christine Vachon, John Sayles, Spike Lee, Ken Burns, Fred Wiseman, and others.  In the TV arena, he’s handled Kodak’s business with NFL Films, Dick Wolf’s ‘Law & Order’, HBO’s ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Sex & the City’, among other programs.  In his current position as Worldwide Marketing and Strategic Planning Manager for Television Products and New Product Development, he led the launch team for the company’s newest product family, Kodak Vision3 color negative film.

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