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Published on website: February 18, 2013
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Andy Evenski
Kodak Entertainment & Commercial Film President

The month of February means we’re deep into awards season – and I’m very proud to say that the most-recognized films used Kodak products to bring their creative visions to the screen, including, among others:

For the 2013 Academy Awards ®, a total of 12 titles shot their nominated movies on Kodak Film, including:

  • 6 of the 9 titles nominated for Best Picture were shot on Kodak
  • 16 of the 20 nominated performances in the four acting categories were shot on Kodak
  • 3 out of 5 directors nominated for Best Director chose Kodak
  • 3 out of 5 nominated cinematographers for Best Cinematography also relied on Kodak film

Learn more about the Oscar®-nominated films on Kodak.

And this year we got another great reminder at the Sundance Film Festival that productions choosing film continue to stand out in the field. The Grand Jury Prize went to Fruitvale, which was shot on Kodak 16mm. And, every movie captured on film at Sundance this year has been picked up for distribution. Clearly film makes a difference – not only in the look of a movie, but also in its sale-ability .  

I’m very proud of these results and of the recognition our customers are receiving for their work. Awards season is a wonderful reminder of the many talented filmmakers who have created extraordinary stories and images over the years using Kodak technology. It is an honor to continue providing the motion picture industry with the tools they need to tell remarkable tales that entertain and inspire audiences worldwide.

It is also Kodak’s great privilege to have maintained the ongoing support and loyalty of our customers as we continue to navigate our way through the Chapter 11 process in the United States. I can assure you that the company is making significant progress against our key metrics for successful emergence as a leaner, stronger, sustainable and profitable business in 2013.

Kodak and Kodak products remain relevant in today’s marketplace. The company continues to play an essential role within the broad spectrum of markets it serves including the motion picture industry, film for consumer electronic applications and printing business. Did you know that about 33% of the world’s consumer electronics are made using Kodak printed circuit board film? And today, Kodak products touch 40% of the world’s commercially printed pages.

Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging business is a market leader. We still manufacture billions of feet of film every year. We also signed four new contracts with major Hollywood studios that are committed to buying EI film products through the end of 2015. According to Kodak’s current business Emergence Plan, EI continues to be the largest driver of film manufacturing volume for Kodak into the future.

In the meantime, we are seeking alternative demands for our film technologies – which feed a number of printing applications as well as thin film and specialty chemicals growth opportunities. We are working with customers that need film base outside of the imaging category (flexible displays, fuel cells, thin film batteries, etc.) and who are taking advantage of our experience, process development and manufacturing processes to help build solutions that meet the needs of their specific applications. At Eastman Business Park – the heart of our film manufacturing operations – we are making great progress in driving this strategic vision, creating a multi-use, multi-tenant facility focused on these new applications, leveraging our film infrastructure.

As it relates to Chapter 11, the company accomplished the sale of its digital imaging patents at the end of 2012, improving our liquidity and positioning the company for further growth and success. We also secured early exit financing, giving us extra momentum and further solidifying the company’s business emergence plan.

Our progress to date shows that we have put into place the critical building blocks that will help us achieve our objectives and strengthen our enterprise. The process is already well underway, and we appreciate our valuable partners in the motion picture industry and their support throughout this effort.

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