Kodak Motion Picture Film is Still Rolling

Published on website: April 29, 2013
Categories: Andrew Evenski , The StoryBoard Blog

To all Kodak Motion Picture Film Customers and Supporters:

Today's announcement of the sale of Kodak’s Personalized Imaging business does not include the company’s portfolio of motion picture products. Kodak has not stopped the manufacture of its finished goods in the 65mm, 35mm, 16mm and S8 motion picture film formats. Film remains an important creative choice for filmmakers, and the company continues to produce billions of feet of motion picture film every year, providing the entertainment community with the products and support they have come to depend upon from Kodak.

The Personalized Imaging platform primarily focuses on consumers that choose to print their customized photo products at locations outside of their homes or have the finished products delivered to their residences.

More details are in Kodak's official news release: Kodak Announces Comprehensive Settlement with U.K. Pension Plan, Moving Kodak toward Exit from Chapter 11  

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