Study Cites Importance of Learning on Film

Published on website: August 28, 2013
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Nicholas Oughton
Nicholas Oughton  

Nicholas Oughton of Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, recently conducted a study of top film schools around the world in an endeavor to reveal why many universities continue to teach film acquisition, and wish to continue doing so long into the future. His report will be presented at the CILECT Conference in Argentina in September, where representatives from film schools worldwide gather to discuss the future of film school education.

Oughton set out to find answers to a series of questions, including how many film schools currently teach on film globally; why they teach on celluloid; how long they plan to continue their current formats; why some may have stopped; and what their thoughts are on what the future may hold, in addition to other information.

Oughton says, “I believe that the data captured by this study will assist film schools to make informed pedagogical decisions regarding curriculum design and content, and assist them to deliver appropriate teaching and learning in cinematography courses and their broader programs.”

Oughton surveyed 146 film schools from 58 countries across the world. Based on the evidence gathered, Oughton summarizes, “(There is) the notion that learning cinematography when using a film camera and celluloid acquisition encourages the development of rigor, precision, discipline, craft, intuition, economy, pre-visualization and imaginative thinking, aesthetics and communication. … In addition, there is the preservation and longevity of historical moving images to consider. Currently, film is regarded as the best medium for preserving moving pictures.”

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