Archival Film in Focus at AMIA 2013

Published on website: November 04, 2013
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Wayne D. Martin
GM Image Capture & Distribution
Film Manufacturing Flow Manager
Kodak Entertainment Imaging

As the annual Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Conference descends on Richmond, Virginia, this week, our spotlight is on film as an archival medium. The AMIA Conference provides an opportunity for professionals and students to meet, share information, and work together in an educational environment for audiovisual preservation. Topics being explored this year include television restoration, handling magnetic materials, open source tools and quality control, and, as always, film for archival preservation.

In today’s multi-format landscape, manufacturers, technicians and companies supporting content creation from capture to screen, and ultimately to the archives, continue to assess best practices for standardizing the process, so that the workflow elicits consistent, high-quality results.

For centuries now, film has been recognized as a worldwide standard, and Kodak has been part of that journey. But with the broad use of digital technology today, there is growing concern about the longevity of content that exists in digital form. Thus, there is a continued desire to create film elements that will likely have few format obsolescence concerns going forward. In centuries to come, it’s hard to imagine that basic analog film reading devices would be unavailable. That’s just not the case for digital media. Over the decades, over 70 video formats have become obsolete.

Last year, Kodak introduced a family of asset protection films that address a wide range of preservation and restoration needs in the industry. What all three of those films ensure is that content stored on them can be scanned and digitized at any time in the future, and distributed to audiences via the latest channels. With film, the image information from a high-resolution source will always be there. Whatever display and distribution methods come to market, your content is accessible and capable of generating revenue.

The AMIA Conference is a not-to-be-missed industry event for anyone responsible for the long-term sustainability of content or audiovisual collections. As a sponsor, Kodak is honored to be part of the discussions, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of providing the best film products for the motion picture industry – many of which have been used by the preservation and restoration communities for decades.

We hope to see you there!

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