Film Matters

"Kodak film was the only material I considered for Anna Karenina. I shot the entire film on 5219 and I feel that the choice of film with anamorphic lenses imbued the movie with added texture and depth."  

Anna Karenina, Atonement

You know how the film will react, and how much you can push it. You can trust the film, and that’s a good feeling.”  

Enlightened on HBO

"“It’s great to have the full range of tools at our disposal. The texture and color depth of film is invaluable, and I don’t think it can be reproduced digitally.”  

Argo, Water for Elephants

"Film takes away the insecurity of deciding on what digital format to shoot, leaving every bit of creative energy to put on the screen. If ever there was a format that you can just shoot now and keep improving as the project gains momentum in post, it's film."  

Castle, American Reunion

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Why Film Matters to me

Christopher Baffa, ASC,Photo by D. Kirkland

... The texture and aesthetic of film is historic, and programmed into my psyche with a familiarity and identification that I respect. It's more emotional than technical. Film simply feels like film, and albeit a sentimental attachment, it is an attachment I have developed over a lifetime of admiring the artistry and creativity of those exploring its vast visual possibilities.

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