Salute to Cinematography




emmy_bullet  Outstanding Cinematography
       for a Half-Hour Series

  emmy_bullet  Outstanding Cinematography
      for a One-Hour Series

  emmy_bullet  Outstanding Cinematography
      for a Miniseries or Movie


The Art of Cinematography

A nomination for an Emmy Award is an extraordinary achievement. Hundreds of episodic series and movies are produced and aired on American broadcast and cable outlets every year by many of the world’s most talented cinematographers.

The Emmy nominees were chosen by their peers who are uniquely qualified to recognize and appreciate how nuances in images amplify moods and create perceptions of time and place. Cinematography is a demanding and unforgiving form of artistic expression. The prerequisites include a collaborative spirit, innate talent and mastery of a complex and constantly evolving science. There are no unbreakable rules. Everyone does it differently. That is what makes cinematography an art.

This annual celebration is Kodak’s way of saying thank you to all of the nominees for enriching our lives. We believe that all of you deserve this time in the limelight in shared camaraderie with your peers and admirers. All your colleagues and friends at Kodak say congratulations. We feel privileged to share this evening with you.