KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332


Time is and always will be the greatest enemy of future access to digital data. In recent years, digital technologies have changed the way motion images are captured and distributed, but one of the consequences of these ongoing changes is “technology obsolescence.” When final, edited content exists only in digital space, files must continually be copied and re-mastered to assure their access and existence.

KODAK Color Asset Protection Film offers content owners an affordable film choice for their valuable motion assets. There is no re-mastering necessary for assets stored on film.

The film is designed for exposure on film recorders and processes in ECP-2D processing chemistry.

  • Optimized Dye Stability: KODAK Color Asset Protection Film delivers dye permanence for decades — with predictions indicating over a century of stability when stored in recommended conditions.
  • Image Structure: Consistent with KODAK Color Print Film, a trusted product used the world over as an exhibition film.
  • Remarkable Consistency: Our rigorous quality process and strict manufacturing tolerances provide the same great sensitometric uniformity that you’ve come to expect from Kodak.
  • Outstanding Physical Performance: The new film is available on ESTAR Base for the most consistent physical performance and longterm keeping.
  • Future Proof: The new film will create an asset that is easily scanned on telecines or film scanners — with images that are human readable.

While technologies in motion imaging continue to evolve, Kodak continues to provide innovative film products offering the industry options for the future