KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film 5285/7285 (Discontinued)

Intense saturation + true 100 speed

Discontinued: Please see Product Change Notice

Whether you’re shooting ads, music videos. documentaries, television, or features, daylight-balanced KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film / 5285 delivers intensely saturated color, a neutral gray scale, and accurate skin tones. And it’s a true 100-speed color reversal motion picture film that has a sharpness you won’t find in any other 100-speed color reversal film.

Suitability for Conditions¹
Day Exterior
Day Interior/Windowlight
Well-lit Studio (T)
Limited Light (T)
¹Suitability for conditions is a suggested use and does not represent the applicability of any film for artistic or specific purposes.
Ordering Information²
FormatLengthInfoCatalog #
35mm400 Core 8673741
16mm100 Spool 8936619 *
16mm400 Core 1263722 **
Super 850 Cartridge 1326941
²All options may not be listed and are all subject to specific country availability. Content is subject to change without notice. Contact your local sales representative for more details.
*Perforated One Edge
**Perforated One Edge
Suggested Filters³
Suggested Filter for Color Balance for Daylight Use None
Suggested Neutral Density Filter .3 to .6
³  Suggested Neutral Density Filters are general suggestions for each film used in a "daylight" situation to help avoid overexposure of high-speed films and to support lens performance. All filters are not created the same, and you should be aware of its individual performance properties before using them. 
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