We asked 14 of the television industry’s renowned producers and cinematographers from around the world to reveal their thoughts about film and electronic capture. They talked to us about their experiences with both. What works for them and why. What they like– and don’t like. Where they see things going in the future. And how they make their choice in the first place.

Ewan Burnett
EXPOSED: Ewan Burnett 
EWAN BURNETT has over 21 years of experience in the Australian film and television industry. He established Burberry Productions in 1993.

Stephen Lighthill, ASC
EXPOSED: Stephen Lighthill, ASC 
Stephen Lighthill, ASC, photographed the Oscar® nominated Berkeley in the 60s. Here he talks about the value of shooting the episodic series, She Spies, on film.

Hilary Bevan Jones & Christopher Seager
EXPOSED: Hilary Bevan Jones & Christopher Seager 
Hilary Bevan Jones's company, Endor Productions, is currently in production with Paul Abbot's dramatic serial State of Play.
Christopher Seager, BSC is a two-time British Academy of Film and Television Arts nominee in the Best of Photography and Lighting Category.

Ken Burns
EXPOSED: Ken Burns 
Ken Burns produced the Oscar ® -nominated Brooklyn Bridge, and 18 other documentaries since beginning his career in 1979. In this interview, Burns talks about his experiences with film and electronic capture.

Steve Sabol
EXPOSED: Steve Sabol 
Steve Sabol has received 27 Emmy® Awards for writing, cinematography, editing, directing, and producing as the president and visionary of NFL FILMS.

10 Fast Film Facts
10 Fast Facts Revealed 
The truth about motion picture film and electronic capture.