Abby for Apples is Homegrown in New York State

Published on website: November 18, 2013
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Abby Wambach stars in “Abby for Apples.”

Soccer star Abby Wambach was “homegrown in New York State, just like New York apples,” exactly what the New York Apple Association was looking for when choosing a spokesperson. Wambach, the greatest goal scorer in international soccer history, is currently leading a multi-platform campaign for the trade association that includes commercials, radio spots, print ads, and point-of-purchase displays. The 30-second television spot, “Abby for Apples,” is headlining the campaign.

The commercial features Wambach and a group of children enjoying apples and soccer in an orchard located in Upstate New York. When director Ray Manard took on the project, he knew very early on that he wanted to use film for the spot. “The shoot was all outside, so weather was obviously going to be an unpredictable factor,” explains Manard. “Based on the schedule, we knew there would definitely be some high-contrast sun situations to deal with, and film, absolutely, would be able to handle that, the way only film can.”

Éclairs Are Sweet on Film

Published on website: August 13, 2013
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Scenes from the CADBURY Éclairs Rich Brownie spots (photos by: K.U. Mohanan)

CADBURY recently announced its new, premium melt-in-your-mouth candy, Éclairs Rich Brownie, with a new commercial. The new candy packs a lot of flavor with brownie and caramel combined with the company’s signature dairy milk chocolate at the center. It was decided early on that film was the right choice to showcase this luscious treat.

The commercial was photographed by cinematographer K.U. Mohanan, who started out in documentaries but has since shot many Bollywood films, including Miss Lovely, which was nominated for Un Certain Regard Award at the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival. Mohanan knew film would be able to capture the essence of that smooth, chocolaty creaminess.

Real Life Heroes Co-Star with Superman in National Guard Spots

Published on website: June 26, 2013
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Scene from the National Guard's "Soldiers of Steel" spot.

Larry Fong, ASC and Zack Snyder have known each other since film school, where some of their earliest collaborations were made on Super 8. Eventually, their success as storytellers led to bigger projects, and today their feature film collaborations include 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch.

“Zach can just say one or two words to me and I know what he’s trying to do,” says Fong. “I’ll set it up for him and get out of his way. When we get to work together, it’s easy that way. Sometimes it’s a code word or an inside joke from long ago. I’m really spoiled when I work with Zach – it’s always a good time.”

The Glamorous Hero

Photos courtesy of Kiss Films, India.

Where does Hero go to up their glamour quotient? India.

For Hero’s Glamour–a popular motorbike in the traffic-cluttered cities of India–the company chose cinematographer Paramvir Singh to shoot their latest ad. The DP is a graduate of the Film & Television Institute of India, and also a former creative in advertising.

Ben Richardson's Best Friends

Published on website: April 10, 2013
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On the set of Best Friends

Award winning cinematographer Ben Richardson (Beasts of the Southern Wild) recently spoke with us about his role in a recent short film produced for Rachel Antonoff's fall 2013 collection. This is not your typical fashion film, I assure you!

Directed by Lena Dunham, Best Friends is a mock nature film in which we observe the inner workings of friendship. To achieve the desired look, the film draws authenticity from shooting on 16mm film, as well as lighting and styling. The narration lends a touch of realism as well!