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Ask a Filmmaker: David Dart, NFL Films

David Dart, NFL Films staff cinematographer

The 2013 football season is underway, and the crew at NFL Films is busy capturing all the leaping catches, goal line stands, pre-game pep talks, and sideline celebrations. Considered the gold standard of sports filmmaking, NFL Films strives to not just document the game, but to preserve it, and carry on the legacy of all those who have helped make the game what it is today. And motion picture film is part of that legacy.

Since 1962, NFL Films has captured and archived over 100 million feet of 16mm film. Their productions were the first to use ground-level slow motion, shoot sports with 600mm lenses, and to incorporate reverse-angle replays. Can you imagine shooting the Super Bowl handheld with a 1,000-foot magazine and a 50-500mm anamorphic zoom lens? Ever wonder what it is like to capture the fast-moving, hard-hitting action of the NFL? Now is your chance to get full access with NFL Films cinematographer David Dart.

Ask David Dart (NFL Films)

Questions will be taken from 12/09/2013 through 01/10/2014

About David Dart

David Dart is an NFL Films staff cinematographer. Over the last 27 years, he has shot Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals, Woman’s World Cup Finals, and for the last 14 years the Kentucky Derby. David has won three Emmys® for outstanding sports cinematography. In addition to shooting game action for NFL Films, David and the staff are busy filming commercials, biographies, documentaries, and the HBO series “Hard Knocks.” David first began shooting sports over 30 years ago while attending the University of Kansas.

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