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The Unique Perspective of Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Forest Whitaker. (Photo by Annie Marie Fox. © 2013 The Weinstein Company. All rights reserved.)

The last time director Lee Daniels and cinematographer Andrew Dunn, BSC teamed up was on the film Precious, which earned six ACADEMY AWARD® nominations, including one for best picture. “That film was special, and it meant a lot to people,” recalls Dunn. “It changed some lives.”

The duo’s latest collaboration is the extraordinary story of Cecil Gaines, who served eight presidents as the head butler of the White House from 1952 to 1986. The film begins in the cotton fields of Gaines’ youth and reaches a climax when Gaines returns to the White House at age 92 to meet an African-American president. Forest Whitaker plays the title role.

Doc Martin Gets the Super 16 Treatment

Behind the scenes on Doc Martin. (Photos by Rob Ebdon.)

The popular UK television dramedy Doc Martin is back for its sixth season. The show follows a doctor, played by Martin Clunes, who after developing a crippling fear of blood, retrains as a GP. He moves to a quirky seaside town, where he opens a practice and quickly offends the locals with his poor bedside manner.

Doc Martin is filmed on location in the village of Port Isaac in Cornwall, England, where “apparently the sun always shines,” jokes the show’s director of photography Simon Archer, BSC. The cinematographer, who took over for Chris Howard, BSC after season 3, uses a full range of 16mm stocks on the series.

On The Good Road with Super 16

Scene from The Good Road

The Good Road, from director Gyan Correa and cinematographer Amitabha Singh, was recently named the National Award Winner 2013 for Best Feature Film in Gujarati language at the 60th National Film Awards ceremony of the Directorate of Film Festivals. The award honors the best in Indian cinema. The film was produced by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation).

The film is a modern Gujarati story about three sets of people travelling on a highway, cutting through the Banni, bordering the Rann in Kachchh. Each on a journey to achieve their individual pursuits, but over a 24 hour period, the travelers discover something altogether different and unexpected about their lives.

Ephraim’s Rescue: Super 16mm Captures the Heart of a True Story

Scene from Ephraim’s Rescue © Remember Films/used by permission

T.C. Christensen, ASC has made close to 40 feature films and countless shorts and documentaries over the last four decades. The cinematographer-director has been following his passion for filmmaking since high school, when he started shooting with a 16mm Bolex camera, and fostered that ambition with an “opportunity meets preparation” attitude.

Most recently, Christensen finished a labor of love called Ephraim’s Rescue, which tells the true story of Ephraim Hanks, who like most teenage boys, only cares about himself, but finds his way in life, and eventually provides relief and rescue to the suffering Martin Handcart Company pioneers who were caught in Wyoming’s early winter storms in the fall of 1856.

The Glamorous Hero

Photos courtesy of Kiss Films, India.

Where does Hero go to up their glamour quotient? India.

For Hero’s Glamour–a popular motorbike in the traffic-cluttered cities of India–the company chose cinematographer Paramvir Singh to shoot their latest ad. The DP is a graduate of the Film & Television Institute of India, and also a former creative in advertising.