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Available Light Comparison Tests Shed Light on Formats

Published on website: July 29, 2011
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A responsible director takes the question of production format very seriously. That decision has a major impact on how audiences will react to the story and characters. Other factors include cost concerns, story considerations, shooting style, and the emotions that filmmakers are hoping to evoke in the audience. Wise directors and producers depend on cinematographers to help wade through the hype and marketing claims to determine which format is best for a given story.

Brawley-Dennis film tests
Brawley-Dennis film tests

Recently, two Australian filmmakers wanted to see with their own eyes the differences between various formats, and to get a sense of how they performed under difficult conditions. They wanted to compare metrics like resolution and clarity, but more importantly, to see how the images differed in less empirical, more instinctive ways.

Capturing the Triple Crown on Super 8

Published on website: June 13, 2011
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Secretariat wins the 1973 Triple Crown
Secretariat wins the 1973 Triple Crown - by Bob Gately

Bob Gately became a horse lover when he saw Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney in National Velvet when he was 10 years old. Little did he know that later in life, he would shoot some rare and valuable motion pictures of horses.

Gately started bringing his Cavalier Super 8 movie camera to the Belmont racetrack in 1971, when an unlikely rags-to-riches horse named Canonero II was generating tremendous hype as a Triple Crown candidate. Canonero II had surprised everyone by winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, and a victory at the Belmont Stakes would make the horse the first since Citation in 1948 to complete horseracing’s ultimate feat.

Meet Nazar Melconian, Wedding Cinematographer

Published on website: June 10, 2011
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Nazar Melconian
Nazar Melconian

Of Armenian heritage, born in Baghdad raised in the UK and Canada.  Now making a living between Toronto, Canada and soon San Francisco, California. After university I spent a year working as a junior art director for a small agency producing billboard, magazine and corporate press campaigns in Sydney, Australia. Truthfully it was a means to afford travel and experience…shortly there-after I left for Asia and Europe travelling with backpack. Lover of life, people, music, staying fit with Muay Thai Kickboxing, making short films, eating Pho & Thai food!

I make retro-chic super 8mm fine art wedding+lifestyle films at the company I cofounded MIMMO & NAZ INC.

Meet Lola Video, Wedding Cinematographers

Published on website: June 09, 2011
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Lola Video
Gina & Josh of Lola Video (photo by Joel Serrato)

Lola Video is made up of Gina (that’s me) & Josh (that’s him). We are a husband & wife team. I am the primary shooter & creative editor. As an artist loving different forms of medium, Super 8 film was a natural progression. I absolutely love its nostalgic look & feel as well as everything about it, right down to the sound the “vintage cameras” make when shooting.

Josh, on the other hand, is a music freak. He is constantly searching for newer up-and-coming artists for use in our films. Since there is no sound in the world of Super 8mm, Josh’s background as a DJ/SoundRecorder has become invaluable. Sound recording and capturing the audio from your ceremony vows is something I leave up to him. Then later, in the final edit I “sync sound” bringing the film & sound to life in a finished product you’ll want to watch over and over. Josh also second shoots for me and talks with prospective clients to get everything worked out in securing our bookings.

Meet Forever Films, Wedding Cinematographers

Published on website: June 08, 2011
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Forever Films
Forever Films

Forever Films, is a boutique wedding cinematography company. We are a company of working directors, cinematographers, and editors living and working in Hollywood.

Forever Films was originally started by Logan Hefflefinger, a film editor in Los Angeles.  A romantic and artist, as Logan and his then fiance were planning their wedding he decided he could not bear to have a camcorder following them around on their wedding day.  He wanted to tell a story of the wedding day from the bride, groom and guests’ perspectives. He wanted it to be beautiful and nostalgic.  And so Forever Films began.

Advancements in technology have only hurt my process I'd say. It has made everything that I do even more rare. Using film is a growing rarity in itself these days. I use cameras as old as the 40's to the 70's. So camera parts, batteries, etc are just harder to find. Prices have gone up with this growing rarity of old cameras, film, and facilities that provide services. Unfortunately because of this, we find that very few people choose to put wedding budget towards the film. They do not always see the importance of capturing these memories during the planning period.  We have even had several people decide not to book due to budget constraints and call after the fact with complete regret.  They wish they had just made the investment, because there is no way to really capture that day like we are able to do.  Of course we hate hearing from people with regrets.  We say invest in your memories over the napkins, programs & toss bouquet.  There really are more valuable and important things that you just do not realize until after the fact.