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Giles Nuttgens, BSC Opens Up On The Creative Process at CineGear 2013

Published on website: August 27, 2013
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Giles Nuttgens, BSC (What Maisie Knew, Midnight’s Children) understands that chasing the moments to tell the story and fulfilling the vision of directors takes timing, talent, and technical know-how. In his remarks at Cinegear this year, he shared that this vision is what drives the camera, not the other way around. And having a knowledge of film gives him a nearly unlimited panorama of options. See highlights from his talk.

Vittorio Storaro’s Latest Project and Why Film Matters

Published on website: April 04, 2013
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Vittorio Storaro in Asalouyeh-Golfo Persico

Three-time Oscar® winner Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC (Apocalypse Now, The Last Emperor, Reds), one of the most acclaimed cinematographers in the world, is currently filming a cinematic depiction of the early life of the Prophet Mohammad. The project is being directed by highly regarded Iranian auteur Majid Majidi, and has been described as “visually rich and sensitive.” Storaro, who is well known for his carefully considered opinions regarding the role of the cinematographer, recently shared his thoughts on the importance of film. Here are some excerpts:

Longevity: “It is of fundamental importance that we transfer and store our feature films on materials with the longest preservation life. All of us know the issue of durability of color images. On film, images last longer, while electronic images deteriorate at a much faster pace. No long-term solution exists today that addresses the problem of archiving electronic/digital images. Digital doesn't mean durable.”