Film Rolls on Another Football Season

Published on website: September 05, 2013
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With more than 45 seasons and more than 100 Emmy® awards under their belts, NFL Films rolls camera on a new season of touchdowns, goal-line stands, and all the other thrilling moments that entrance football fans.

16mm KODAK VISION3 Color Negative Film will be running through their cameras tonight for NFL Films' trademark cinematic shots that put you in the stadium and on the field. They will be shooting 32 and 48 frames per second, and when the game clock runs out the footage will be sent back to One Sabol Way in New Jersey for processing and review. For the seventeen weeks of the regular season and beyond, the talented staff then goes to work producing weekly shows and specials.

Since 1962 NFL Films has been capturing and archiving over 100 million feet of 16mm motion picture film. Over the course of this season, cinematographers and camera crews will add even more.

Adding to the tally was the footage shot at the championship game earlier this year. Nineteen cameras loaded with Kodak film provided footage for NFL Films productions. Rochester sports reporter John Kucko was at the game and tweeted these pictures:


Good luck to the entire crew at NFL Films on a brand new season, and can't wait to see the footage!

Be sure to check their blog for behind the scenes articles specifically for cinematographers. You can also learn more at the NFL Films official site, and by following @NFLFilms on Twitter