Kodak and ARRI Committed to Film

Published on website: April 19, 2012
Categories: Alyson Shurtliff , Matt Stoffel , Industry , The StoryBoard Blog

The benefits of film are well known, and with today's complex world of digital formats and fast-paced camera obsolescence, film remains a superior medium for capture, display and archiving. Just a few months ago, we introduced the newest member of our VISION3 family and this year we'll launch a new platform of preservation films. These are just a couple of the many examples of Kodak's innovation in advancing film technology. ARRI is also "actively developing new technology that will help get the best out of film and preserve as much of our cinematic history as possible."

In the current issue of ARRI News, ARRI reaffirms that the company is committed to supporting and advancing film-based systems "for the next ten years at the very least." And we are proud to stand with them.

ARRI explains, "We will continue to support and service the ARRI film cameras, ARRISCAN scanners and ARRILASER recorders of its customers. Not only that, but the company will seek new ways to improve film systems as technology emerges."

With the latest VISION3 technology locked and loaded in the can, every film camera - no matter how old or new - is backed by the power of a high-resolution medium. And that robust image information can be carried through the workflow to final delivery, whatever format that may be. Most importantly, it's a proven and reliable long-term image storage solution. We've said it before and we'll say it again - Kodak remains steadfast in our dedication to filmmakers and their creative choices, and we thank ARRI for making the same commitment.