Kyle Alvut

Rochester Production AFTER Stays Local

Published on website: May 17, 2010
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After being in Kodak’s motion picture business for 30 years, you might think that a person would tire of doing the same thing. But what I have learned in those 30 years is that every project that I get a chance to work on is new and exciting! In 2009 we took on a local film project: a feature film called “AFTER,” written by a local woman, Sabrina Gennarino, who also filmed her project here in Rochester.

Although Rochester is the home of Eastman Kodak and the George Eastman House – and can claim many of the world’s greatest imaging innovations – features production here is moderate.  That’s why we were very excited to be able to support this production, not only with great product and technical advice, but also with postproduction services.

Meet Kyle Alvut

Published on website: May 17, 2010
Categories: Kyle Alvut , The StoryBoard Blog

2 perfKyle Alvut
Senior Colorist
Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY

Kyle oversees operations in the Entertainment Imaging Film & Digital Systems Laboratory.  He brings over 30 years of experience in traditional and digital color correction, video and digital post-production workflow, and digital intermediate applications.