Michael Smalter

Meet Michael Smalter

Published on website: August 25, 2009
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headshot_smalter.gifMichael is currently the Worldwide Manufacturing Quality Manager for Entertainment Imaging Films. He has been with Kodak since 1976. Prior to his current assignment Mike was the Quality Manager for Professional Films for 12 years, and a product engineer for X-Ray, and Aerial & Instrumentation film products. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Photographic Science and Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He joined the I3A ITIP (Integrity in Transportation of Imaging Products) team in early 2006, and became the testing sub-committee chairperson in late 2006.

Close-Up on Super 8 Film

Published on website: August 25, 2009
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In this so-called 'digital age', there is still something magical about the 8mm film format Kodak developed in 1932, as a solution for home movies.

It was called 'Standard 8mm' back then and was actually 16mm film with twice as many perforations (as regular 16mm) along each side. The film was loaded into a camera, exposed along half its width, flipped and exposed along the other half. In processing, the film was slit down the middle; the result was two lengths of 8mm film, each with a single row of perforations along one side - and four times as many frames as 16mm film.