Making Film Now and Into the Future – The Manufacture of Kodak Motion Picture Products

Published on website: June 12, 2013
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Like any business, Kodak is always looking at ways to drive operational efficiencies while maintaining product quality.  And, as its traditional businesses evolve, Kodak will continue to adapt its manufacturing, distribution and support infrastructure in order to supply our customers with the products and services they have come to expect from the Kodak brand, the world’s leading producer of premier quality film for the industry. 

This entails anything from shifting component supply strategies to adjusting machine loads and staffing levels. 

Preservation of Digitally Originated Motion Images on Film:  An Integrated Systems Approach

Published on website: April 12, 2013
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KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332

Kodak's imaging scientists Cindy A. Fitzgerald and John C. Rutter recently presented this technical paper at the IS&T Conference (Society for Imaging Science and Technology) focusing on the importance of archiving your digital assets on film.

Whitepaper Abstract

Introducing KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 7203 in Super 8 Format

Published on website: December 11, 2012
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VISION3 50D Color Negative Film
VISION3 50D Color Negative Film

The story of Super 8 is a long and passionate one. From its roots as the home movie medium to its use as a viable alternative in professional filmmaking, this small gauge format boasts a distinctive look as a capture medium.

Today, Kodak is making our fine-grained KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 7203 available in the Super 8 format.

Customer Letter Regarding Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film

Published on website: December 11, 2012
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Today, Kodak is announcing the discontinuance of KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film 5285/7285. Due to lower sales and limited customer usage, combined with highly complex product formulation and manufacturing processes, it is no longer possible to continue supplying this color reversal film stock to our motion picture customers.

Based on the current sales pace, supplies of the KODAK EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film are expected to be available in the market for the next three to four months; however, inventories may run out before then, depending on demand. Every effort will be made to ensure fair distribution to all customers; therefore, order restrictions may be necessary.

Think About It… Future Proof Your Assets

Published on website: October 22, 2012
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We are pleased to announce that another asset protection film for writing digital image files onto celluloid is now available and has been added to our product portfolio.

KODAK VISION3 Digital Separation Film 2237 is a black-and-white separation film for preserving images from color digital masters, and is optimized for laser, CRT and LED light sources utilized by digital recorders in the marketplace. Providing exceptional image quality including fine detail, tight grain, optimal resolution, and excellent flare characteristics, this archival film is offered on an ESTAR base for premier physical performance and long-term stability that lasts centuries in recommended conditions.