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Motion Picture Film in the US Kodak Online Store

Published on website: October 19, 2012
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Effective October 22, 2012: We are no longer accepting orders in the US KODAK Online Store.

This announcement does not affect the availability of motion picture film in any way. KODAK remains committed to providing our entertainment customers with the products and support they have come to depend upon.

Next Steps to our Future Success

Published on website: September 05, 2012
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Kimberly Snyder
President and General Manager
Entertainment and Commercial Films Group
Vice President of Eastman Kodak Company

Last week, Kodak announced its next steps in emerging from Chapter 11 as a company primarily focused on commercial, packaging, and functional printing solutions as well as enterprise services. The company has now initiated a sales process for its market-leading Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses.  

So what does this mean for Entertainment Imaging and its motion picture film products and services? For clarity, I can assure you that Kodak’s motion picture films are not part of this announcement, and will remain with the company.

KODAK Introduces New, Affordable Color Asset Protection Film

Published on website: August 23, 2012
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Today, Kodak has introduced a new motion picture film – KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332. This innovative color film offers content owners an affordable option for protecting their creative assets.

At the end of the day, film is the most stable and reliable preservation medium. Hands down, it lives on in a way that cannot be compared to other formats.

Social Wrap Up

Published on website: December 23, 2011
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We will be away from our desks next week, so we thought we'd leave you with some highlights to remember the year that was.

Behind the Design of KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 5203/7203

Published on website: December 14, 2011
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Merrick Distant Large
Merrick Distant, Kodak Product Systems Engineer

The latest member of the VISION3 Film family is KODAK VISION3 50D Color Negative Film 5203/7203. The VISION3 Film platform is the result of a confluence of technical innovations that gives filmmakers greater creative flexibility and a better starting place for postproduction. Here, Kodak’s Product Systems Engineer Merrick Distant answers questions about the science behind the new film:

What are the new features of the new KODAK VISION3 50D 5203 / 7203 film? DISTANT: We incorporated many of the features that customers have come to like about our other VISION3 films into this new low speed, daylight balanced offering. The result is a film that renders images with similar color and contrast, providing more detail in the extreme bright areas and at the finest grain available. Improvement in the signal to noise (S/N) response over the entire exposure scale results in more usable detail at the extremes of exposure, a benefit in digital postproduction applications.