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Spotlight on Labs: Acmeworks Digital Film

Published on website: January 22, 2015
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Acmeworks President Steve Hagel

When animation studios began moving from traditional ink and paint to digital ink and paint in the late 1990s, Steve Hagel was manager of sales and marketing for Chromacolour North America, Ltd., a major supplier of equipment and materials to the animation industry. The physical production of animation was changing, but that didn’t necessarily spell gloom and doom. In fact, he saw a new business opportunity.

“Big animation studios still had a film archiving policy, so they needed to get from digital back to film. But film recording was very expensive and not sustainable on a large scale,” he points out. “So there was an opportunity to develop a cost-effective film recording process aimed at archiving television animation.”

SPOTLIGHT ON LABS: Cinelab London and Vision Globale

Published on website: October 08, 2014
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Negative is prepared at VISION GLOBALE

Cinelab London

In June of 2013, co-owners Adrian Bull and John Mahtani acquired a film lab that had been in operation for 37 years. Identifying a need in the London marketplace for a full-service film facility with an eye towards the future, they rebranded the company Cinelab and never looked back. Their mission – to deliver high-quality, reliable film processing services and enhanced digital solutions, ensuring that content creators in the UK and Europe can confidently choose film as part of their creative pallet.

Today, Cinelab London is flourishing and has expanded to provide a complete service offering for film clients. “What we acquired was purely a photochemical lab, primarily focused on trailers,” says Bull, who also serves as managing director. “We knew we needed to reimagine and reinvent the business in order to survive. Extending our service sector into commercials, features, and high-end broadcast dramas was a first step, but beyond that, we needed to deliver the digital services that allow people to get in and out of film as needed.

FotoKem: Where Film’s Influence Meets Contemporary Post Services

Published on website: May 20, 2014
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Filmmakers who have spent any amount of time in Hollywood are already familiar with FotoKem, which has been providing post production services to the industry for five decades. From early on, the facility has been a trusted resource for studio projects, television shows, independent films, and commercial production. Headquartered in Burbank, Calif., FotoKem enjoys a unique role in the industry as an independently owned-and-operated post facility with a global reach. Their process embodies technological innovation and a passion for supporting filmmakers.

Today, emerging filmmakers and seasoned pros alike continue to rely on FotoKem’s wide range of expertise for navigating the many creative choices available for storytelling. "We are extremely proud of our history in the post production industry, and our longstanding relationships with so many gifted filmmakers,” says President and CEO William Brodersen. “Our transition into file-based workflows was led by the talented people that work here. Over the last decade, we have been able to grow technically and build an incredible, professional team of experts that has made FotoKem what we are now."

Spotlight on Labs - November 2013

Published on website: November 18, 2013
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(l-r) Herbert Stegbauer and Werner Winkelmann

Every day, in cities around the world, talented experts at an array of outstanding laboratories help storytellers bring their images to life. Here’s an update on what’s happening in the world of labs:

Neglab, a motion picture film laboratory for processing 35mm and 16mm color negative, has reopened its doors in Sydney and is providing high-quality film processing services to the region. Werner Winkelmann, original owner of the facility, has over 25 years of experience working in the lab industry and brings extensive expertise to the entire imaging chain.