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Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence help elevate SQ Film Lab to Imagecare status

Published on website: December 01, 2011
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SQ Film Laboratories Inc, Philippines
SQ Film Laboratories Inc, Philippines Crew

Philippines-based SQ Film Laboratories, Inc. has become the newest member of the KODAK IMAGECARE Program. Kodak began this quality program for film laboratories in 1996 and it is now active in 31 countries worldwide. SQ Laboratories, Inc. was recently accredited by the Program for Camera Negative Processing.

With over 40 years of industry experience, SQ Laboratories, Inc. continues to demonstrate its commitment to film and film quality. The lab employs 30 full-time individuals, including a number of highly-skilled technicians and artists who have many decades of expertise.

“The Program has developed efficiencies of the laboratory staff,” said Angelo Santos, Managing Director of SQ. “The Program’s excellent standards have built up our employees’ confidence, morale and the triple I’s: Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence.”

“Simply put, the KODAK IMAGECARE Program process is a continuous progression of learning and development,” he said. “It is an honor for us to be included in the roster of accredited laboratories around the world.”

The Program is a rigorous one with many segments and standards that must be adhered to. Kodak created the Program to standardize motion picture processing-acceptance is challenging and time-consuming and requires a laboratory-wide commitment.”

“We’re delighted to welcome SQ Film Laboratories into the Kodak program,” said Diane Carroll-Yacoby, worldwide manager of the KODAK IMAGECARE Program. “Their film processing operations are really first-class and we’re proud of their accomplishments and commitment to quality.”

“Certification in the KODAK IMAGECARE Program proves that SQ complies with standards of quality even the most demanding filmmakers can rely on,” said Carroll-Yacoby. “Their membership signifies that they deliver the best of what film can offer, so customers can trust that when they work with SQ they are working without compromise.”

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