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Waterfront Studios Group is definitely a contender

Published on website: December 01, 2011
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Waterfront Studios Group
Waterfront Studios Group

Formed from a combination of the best of the Cape Town divisions of The Video Lab, The Refinery and Condor, Waterfront Studios Group (WSG) is undergoing a renaissance. Recognized as one of the most technologically-advanced creative post-production teams in South Africa, WSG currently has a team of 68 staff members.

The expertise, passion and technical nous of WSG’s hard-working and committed teams is spread across several divisions including a data lab, studios, Condor Cape, Just Producers, Waterfront Post and The Film Lab.

Waterfront Post is home to all the group’s front-end services including a KODAK IMAGECARE Program accredited film lab, digital data management lab, telecine, Protools audio suites and Final Cut and Avid edit suites.

The Film Lab has been a member of the KODAK IMAGECARE Program since 1998 and was in fact one of the very first labs to be admitted to the Program. Gary Edwardes, General Manager for WSG says, “The Program allowed us to have closer contact with Kodak and the fact that someone comes out to audit the laboratory and check all our procedures is not only comforting to us but also to our clients. We also critically examine everything that we have done during the year. We are continually looking at the way we operate, the way we maintain our machines and the quality of the end result.”

“Training of our staff has been extremely important for us and the Program has helped in this area. The fact that everything is documented makes it easier to put training programmes in place. The Program has also made it easier to convince overseas clients to use our services. Some recent international productions on which we have worked include Safe House, Strike Back2, 10,000BC, The Philanthropist and Last House on the Left. We offer a 24-hour service and are open every day of the year.”

Gary concluded, “Our clients recognize the significance of KODAK’s IMAGECARE Program and feel at ease knowing their investment is in safe hands that are adhering to high technical standards. Our staff are dedicated to reliable and consistent processing.”