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Behind the Scenes with Wally Pfister Filming The Dark Knight

Published on website: July 01, 2008
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Actor Christian Bale zips through the streets on the set of The Dark Knight. (Photo by Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros/™ & © DC Comics).

“When I look at a shot through a lens, I hear music in my mind. Films, like music, need a sense of rhythm that affects everything from composition to editing … I use the same part of my brain to play a melody that I use to make a decision about how I might pan or tilt the camera … it’s about creating a beat or a rhythm.”
— Wally Pfister, ASC, BSC

Ask your neighbor, your uncle and aunt, the clerk at your local grocery store and a stranger on the street about Batman. Chances are they will all tell you that Batman is the masked avenger who fights the dark forces of evil in the fictional city of Gotham. Ask Wally Pfister, ASC, BSC and he will tell you that Batman is a dream come true.

Batman Begins – How Wally Pfister, ASC Created a Breathtaking Chase Scene

Published on website: June 01, 2005
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CHRISTIAN BALE stars as Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure “Batman Begins.” Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Put Batman Begins on your must see list and don’t forget to buckle up. The film features a breathtaking chase with a bevy of police cars pursuing the Batmobile on a two-mile stretch of Chicago’s North Wacker Drive. The chase lasts for about 10 minutes on screen at speeds up to 90 miles per hour. There are no visual effects. It’s a live-action shot mainly in available light. That was the basic visual mantra for the action-adventure film.

(“Director) Chris (Nolan) wanted to shoot Batman Beginswithout relying on visual effects or digital intermediate technologies,” says cinematographer Wally Pfister, ASC. “He wanted it to look and feel natural. Chris looked at this stretch of road as kind of a playground, where we could film an exciting night scene as naturally as possible.”



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